SINO-PAK Historical Perspective // Junaid Ahmed Sohoo

 It is very stunning to perceive that Pakistan and China correlation is going in impeccable orientation with a swift pace. A multitude of developmental projects and tasks have been executed in a befitting manner through the reciprocated coordination and synchronization of the duo. Various sectors in Pakistan have been reinvigorated and flourished with vigorous support from China. Both countries have played a proactive role through their consensus in order to eliminate all the impediments and obstructions which have been halting the progression of states, which is an emblem of optimistic reflection to the International fora. It is categorically a very gratified moment for Pakistan to be a durable companion of China, which is going to be one of the most emphatic states of the globe in the near future.

 It is to be acclaimed that all-weather connection between China and Pakistan is reasonably chronicled because it was much touted since the genesis of the duo on the world map. China espoused Pakistan in Indo Pak war in 1965 by denouncing the Indian maltreatment and exerting external coercion on Indians for a ceasefire. Chinese army also provided military backing to the Pakistan army in order to contend with pernicious rivals. On the other hand, Pakistan extended titanic assistance to China in the period of exigency. It endured colossal sacrifices when China was secluded by the world in the 1960s and early 1970s. Also, Pakistan was the first Islamic country to ripen diplomatic relations with Beijing.

          Moreover, the treaty like Sino Pakistan Agreement further cemented the extended foreign policy objectives of duo, aiming at aggrandizement of global serenity and regional prosperity. This episode in history brought diverse prospects of mutual interests which were crucial for their advancement. Similarly, China assisted Pakistan in the installation of the nuclear program by providing impressive expertise to Pakistani scientists and transferring sensitive nuclear technology and equipment. There is a piece of evidence that Abdul Qadeer Khan employed Chinese designs in the configuration of nuclear devices too.

                 The bilateral and strategic ties of both states have been all-weather, deeper than oceans and higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel. These expressions are not simple stock phrases but, this bond is a projection of realistic approach and maturity which have been prevailing for a prolonged time. Most importantly, Pakistan and China share geo-political and geo-economic significance in their region. They have uniform trajectory in all spheres of life and have a common accord on their foreign policy affairs. Owing to this, they experience staunch bilateral arrangements to promote mutual exchanges in multifarious realms of the state.

           It is a really glorious moment for us that emerging Power like China has initiated a massive economic development project called One Belt One Road (OBOR). This initiative involves China financial spending over 3 trillion dollars during the next several decades on infrastructure development especially in the developing country like Pakistan.  The Pakistan part of the largest project is referred to as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This giant project will serve the interests of masses and will include the construction of production units, thoroughfares, airports, railway tracks, and energy operations.

           Thus, the pragmatic repercussion of this project on the economic sector is that it will add 62 billion dollars to the overall economy of the country which will be 20% of Gross Domestic Production of Pakistan. According to the Applied Economics Research Centre, there will be 2 to 2.5% annual economic growth rate expected until 2030. According to the Ministry of Planning and Development of Pakistan, there will be the production of 800,000 direct jobs estimated in the next 15 years. Furthermore, it will have a transformational impact on the real prosperity of Pakistan. It will address the grievances, sense of deprivation, discrimination and poor management of resources of different segments of society. Besides this, this multidimensional gigantic project will also boost the political stability in the region. Peace and tranquility can be maintained through this strong initiative which can bring dialogue in internal rifts and clashes in political spheres of both countries.

            In order to accelerate the connection between Pakistan and China, following recommendations must be implemented and ensured.

  1. There should be joint ventures in the field of their interest by leading Chinese and Pakistani industrialists.
  2. Employment Opportunities should be created under the umbrella of comprehensive projects.
  3. Cultural activities of both countries should be encouraged in every nook and corner.
  4. Prudent Foreign Policy should be enforced in order to have more close relations.

            All in all, the relationship between China and Pakistan is underpinned by mutual trust and confidence and has been nurtured and enriched by high-level contacts. We hope that it would be always maintained with love and harmony and the day is near when we will see both countries blazing with success in every field.

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