Silence simply means muteness but it is the loudest thud once you penetrate yourself deeply into the density of silence. Some are like the darkness-The way you yell for luminosity in deep darkness, you also yell and try to find a voice in deep silence. These types of silences are just to scourge you.

Whenever life turns its frequency towards reality side, a man has to comeback from the sky of the imagination to the earth of realities. In the fantasies, humans are not humans but they are super humans and think that they can achieve anything with their power and forget that they are mere humans. They set their noise of ego as their favorite music and ignore all the melodies around them in front of their arrogance. At that time, only silence consoles you and alleviates you from being ignored to being preferred. These types of silences are to make you realize that you are human, nothing else. If other humans ignore your melody, they are at the sky of the imagination. They do not know that when life lets its reality to thud in front of them, they will have to land on the earth. 

When people are arrogant of their cacophony of arrogance, life convolutes these types of people into the manacles of the deep silence. These types of silences flog them hardly and let them to forget their noises of arrogance and remind them actual music of humanity. These types of silences are so writhing that either people give up on the spot or turn out to be the best humans. These silences either turn to be the loudest voices or turn into their funeral tunes. 

Sometimes, a heart gets stuck in cage of silence. Everytime heart tries to get out of shackles of silence, it just continues to get stuck in witches of silences more badly. A mind wants freedom from that silence but heart does not permit to get out of it. These silences are either the most beautiful and loudest voices or the perilous tunes of your life. When heart craves silence, it means either you are in your best turning point of your life or want solitude from the obscure world. These silences either turn your life from darkness to brightness or crush you under the dust of darkness. After bearing that silence, you either continue to love silence in your life rather than listening noise around you or hate the word even. These types of silences either heal your soul in the painful musical world or let you feel pain in your entire life. 

“ You love silence or not but once silence loves you, it is the loudest voice of your life or the dirge of your death”.   

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