The world has been sheltering the people of the 90s and 2000s nowadays. The two work together, eat together, and smile together but they have different tastes and wants because of their experience and time. So, if you are the kids of 90s or your friend was born in the 90s then this piece is for you. Read below to know why it is!


Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Street food over restaurants and cafes foods:

If you crave for thelay wala “Bun Kabab” that is filled with egg, kabab, mayonnaise and toasted buns and prefer tangy “chola chat” and too cold “gannay ka runs” over fruitful and creamy smoothies and cheesy and giant burgers of expensive restaurants then you have spent the childhood in 90s.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Paper books over PDF: 

PDF has made life easier by lessening the load but if it fails to please you because of the absence of smell that new books have and a sense of touch which you want while reading books then you are not the child of the 2000s definitely.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Moments over camera:

If you are the kids and stars of your parents of 90s then you would be the person who would choose to live the moments, whether it is heart wrenching fights or the friends’ meetup after a long time, instead of taking out camera to say CHEESE!

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Old and simple songs over today’s senseless lyrical songs:

  Your playlist would have lyrical, romantic and musical songs that could lighten the mood so easily. Thus, your siblings want to hear Humma Humma song all the time but you are still bind in the lyrics of Ek pyaar ka nagma hai and jagjit’s gazal “Hum labon se keh na paaye un se haal-e-zindagi” that glue our eyes on screen because of cute love between Aamir Khan and Tabu. 

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Showiness over black and white:

While your siblings and cousins always pick black and white for their apparels and rooms, you would have been attracted by the colorful duppatta that has so many colors and dots, showy saree, stickers of star and moon that shine at dark when stick in room, coned kolapuri that has carvings and derailings and long jhumkas if you are 90s born.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Silence, moon and roses: 

If you are avid fan of silence who stare the loved ones and dear ones silently to show your love instead of talking to them for hours and crave to spend time with them at a place where there would be peace, calm and light of the moon then you are recreating the scene of “lag jaa galaxy’ that says you love 90s.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Virtual world and presence displease you:

You would desire to chug wag with the friends at the local dhabba with crossed legs without worrying about what other think in you volume and natural that might haunt others but enjoyed by others over conversing with them while sitting at the corner of the room in PJs on Zoom or Whatsaap video call.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Letters and time:

Instead of watches and expensive gifts, you just want a paragraph from your friends on your birthday and special days about you and a lot of time to stare at them and listen to their stories.

Signs that you are the kids of 90s

Enjoy being a listener who swims in the ocean of silence with their friends to understand them silently and crave for words and colors, not things. 

// the kids of 90s

The Merakian – Aqsa Abdul Qadir

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