Signs That You Are Depressed! 

Depression is a common and serious mental illness that affects your personal and social  life negatively. Depression is a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. People suffering from depression slowly lose their interest in the daily activities. They become too worried and stressed, that it affects their mental and physical health. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel and think. People going through depression mostly seem perfectly fine on the outside but inside they are going through a lot, they are dying inside every day. It’s really important to treat with it or else it leads to the risk of life. 

Depression causes changes in sleeping and eating habits of the person. They mostly feel down and worthless. Headaches, weight loss, and exhaustion are some important signs of depression. People feel rejected they loses their self-esteem. Over-thinking also includes in the signs of depression. Mostly, people have difficulty in sleep or suffer with over-sleeping. They can’t relax themselves and always feels drained. Mostly, people think that they are moody but that is not the thing, they get cranky at times and feel irritated. They act weirdly, bad tempered and feeling of emptiness is also a major sign. They begin to feel exhausted in small tasks.

Due to depression most are going through insomnia. The feeling of sadness and worthlessness can make a person eat less than normal or over-eat, it has much impact on the appetite of the person. People suffering with depression usually lost their ability to feel happy, joy and pleasure. They start losing hope in life. A major sign of depression noticed in many people is that they always think negatively about life and circumstances. They never speak up about what they are going through deep inside. They always show that they are good and happy but actually that’s a fake smile just to avoid that questioning eyes of people because it’s much easier to just stay quiet instead of answering the questions of people. 

Depressed people usually show reckless and annoyed behavior as they could not let their frustration out. Self-hatred is one of the important symptoms observed in a depressed person. People have extreme hate for their own selves. Depressed people have 40% risk of memory loss that’s why they have problem remembering things. They also have trouble focusing and making decisions in life. Sometimes people lead to the stage of depression where they criticize themselves for each and every minor mistake, especially they criticize and feel guilty for the faults and mistakes that they have nothing to do with.

Physical signs of depression may also include back pain, aching muscles and increase in headaches, the feeling of heaviness in arms and legs is also a symptom. These are the most unexplained aches and pains by a depressed person. The most severe and dangerous effect of depression is increase in the risk of suicide in the society. Often people experience severe depression in which they feel like their presence is completely worthless in their surroundings. They feel like suicide the only way to escape from all this physical and mental pain. Depression could destroy a person’s life mentally and physically both if it is not treated well in the beginning. 

Signs That You Are Depressed! 

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