She Whispered // Hamza Kazi

I sensed a ripple through her mind like,

A floating butterfly.

With wings clipped off

A delicate ambiguity

With a sense of disbelief,

“This is a nightmare

Not a dream,”

She whispered.

As tears fell across her lips

Lips chapped and faded

With fear highlighted on her eyelids,

“I’m just a sinner, I’m not your saint,”

She whispered.

The dormancy in my words

Paved way to an eerie omen,

“I’m tethered to my sadness

An empty vase,

A vacuous illusion.

With a hollow surrounding

A pit of pain

Cemented in darkness

Which swallows your voice

To hope and love,”

She whispered.

The pinnacle of misery

Was inscribed in her eyes,

“Forgive my immortality

I was a brittle hour glass

For breathing out

Your devotion

For keeping ‘US’ alive,”

She whispered.

The night oscillated it’s nigh

I couldn’t rampart my lies

Your pale silhouette


Hysterically fading away,

“Death plucked out my petals

Carved out my demise.

An enigma of torment

A spiral of void

It casted our fate

In it’s mould

Of silence,”

She whispered.

A paradox of emotions

Ran through my hind brain

A twitch in the unholiness

Of this night,

“After all,

In little manifestations

In careless words


Sombre confessions,

We continue to live


After we are gone,”

She Whispered.

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Beautiful ❤