Annum Salman – an emerging artistic mind in the literary world is a Pakistani poetess. She has her MA in creative writing from the University of Surrey.

Moreover, she is highly talented spoken word poetess who has acclaimed her guts on various literary platforms, at – Write Out Loud, 1000 Monkeys, Surrey’s New Writers Festival and feature shows at Dorking is Talking and That’s What She Said in Shoreditch.

Sense Me by Annum Salman
Sense Me by Annum Salman

She has also performed in Malaysia as well as in Karachi and Lahore for the Pakistani Poetry Slam in Lahore.

“Sense Me by Annum Salman” is her debut poetry book that works as a revitalizing dose for human senses.

It is well said that human emotions and feelings whether good or bad, mild or wild, modest or obscene, innocent or damned are only expressed tremendously by the pen of the writer. This book is a swirling and swinging portrayal of words tangling with human emotions.

The writer rhythmically sheds light on Patriarchal values, Womanhood , Gender differences , Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health Issues, Cross-Cultural problems, Diasporic dilemma, Minority problems, Hybridity and mimicry of colonizers, Pedophilia, Rape culture, Social stereotypes ,Body Shaming, Marital Rape, Plight of being a girl, Labelling, Stigmatizing, Alienation, Loneliness ,Isolation and in short, absurdity of this world. //Sense Me by Annum Salman

This book is all about Sensing. It is tangible enough to drench an individual deep to the senses  of love ,loss, pain , joy, grief , fear, suffering ,healing , recovering  and  ultimately blooming.

In order to stimulate more the senses of the reader, there is a glorious addition of illustrations in the book,as well. The use of symbolism, Imagery ,metaphors and diction is all modernistic and realistic in approach. //Sense Me by Annum Salman

Some notable lines from the book are as under;

I told him today ,

About when the beauty met the beast

And how grand the feastToday, you can write an essay on the effects of colonization in words that aren’t even your own.

I now stay awake ,

Suffering from insomnia

Sharing visions with imaginary friends

 All my body does is listen

And all I do is punish it

For being itself.

I am a war machine

Filled with bullets that only fire at me.

This poetic  book contains ninety –eight poems on one hundred and fifty pages and is published by AuthorHouse on 01/10/2019.

In my personal opinion, it is a must read because it ponders on various silent emotions that are needed to be discussed .It is not a sort of fantasy inducing poetry rather it makes one to think and rethink till the sense comes.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A book review by Iqra Aziz

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