I’m looking at the sky

My eyes filled with tears

My heart starts dancing

I can hear the sound

My soul is leaving my body

Because he has found his path.

He is wearing that black frock,

That wear by whirling dervish.

He is whirling

Slowly deeply spinning

I can’t see myself anymore

I can’t feel anything about this body

It feels like I’m dancing and crying

I’m not near rumi

I’m not near shams.

But I feel my soul is

Something in between them

I feel someone is playing ney

I feel I’m reaching khaneqah.

I hear the sound of kudum and rebab

I feel myself burning like fire.

But the water of my eyes

Burn that fire more

The fire of love

At first the whirling was slow and

Deep sorrow with sadness

Now the whirling is beyond

Any emotions of this world.

I feel shame is looking at me with sad smile


Whirling is not something

Related to sad sorrows

Whirling is love.

Its love beyond any emotions

Dancing in front of your love

To Express love

Until he accepts you.

Keep dancing until the sound

You hear is your beats with zikar

Your heart is your actual voice

Your soul is your actual eyes

Open them with sema

Open the door of your spirit

Choose the path of rumi

The path of love.

Walk on the road of sema

You will find your actual self.

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1 year ago

Wow 😍😍😍😍

Hamza Kazi
1 year ago


1 year ago