Sea With Victory Over Land // Minahil Naghman

Standing on the shore

As the sea hit my bare feet

The foam accumulating around my ankles

Then leaving in a beat.

Cold as it leaves me be

The sea claims its victory

As it invades the land that stays near

Yet then it leaves the sand on its own to be

I stare out on to the vast,

The vast expanse of ocean and sea

Hearing the waves crash in mayhem

And all these feelings mean nothing to me.

I barely grasp the cold touch of water

The soggy and crusty sensation of sand

I can barely hear the surfs collide

And the havoc in the deep within

I feel empty regarding the stretch of the depths

I can’t sense the senses that surround my being

For I have already suffered the hell I could have withstood

As I was dragged along the endless pandemonium

My eyes though seeing all

See naught though they still

My ears can hear every rush of wind

Yet, still naught they hear in this façade

My eyes empty as I let the silence settle in

Face blank even as water sprays across

Unblinking and unwavering yet,

Hush and quiet enclose me still

Smothered are the flames that once held my voice

As I’m banished to this eternity of stillness

The muzzle set in place on me

As silence floods like water on the banks

Sea With Victory Over Land // Minahil Naghman

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