Saba Qamar has always been such versatile actresses who never hesitate to talk about any bold character. Either it is mocking about political persons or talking about the most crucial issue of our community. Saba Qamar on Instagram has a quite loud voice about social issues.

saba qamar instagram

She performed many leading characters in her dramas. Saba Qamar in her biographical based TV in which she showed the controversial Pakistani figure Qandeel Baloch, Baaghi.

She has even made dramas on these issues. Saba Qamar dramas list is long on this.

Moreover, Saba Qamar on Instagram and youtube Talks About Depression and the topics which are taboo, and tires to rise and create awareness.

She recently started her channel on youtube where Saba Qamar posted a mind-blowing video. She on her Instagram posted a lot about the depression just after the tragedical death of Shushant Rajpoot.

KB SMJHO GAY by Saba Qamar

Depression is a mental disorder that also affects our daily’s life. In our society, we don’t understand how small things are so hurtful for the other person.

Saba Qamar, in her recent video KAB SAMJHO GEY, highlighted the unspoken topic of our society.


She talked about the criticism that is so common. We don’t even think before speaking that our words would be so ungrateful to the others. We, as a society, sometimes believe that criticizes others insecurities and spotting them out made us look good.

Saba Qamar Zaman talks about Criticism

She also said that why we interfere in others life. People have nothing to do, and therefore they interfere with the presence of others.

The interfering of others become so repetitive that it makes people sick and tired of other people who are trying to tell others what to do with their lives when they weren’t hurting anyone.

So instead of interfering try to appreciate others deed and encourage people.

Saba Qamar Talks About Depression In Her Recent Video

She also talked about the bullying about how easy for the people to point out other physical in-capabilities, why our society is unable to understand all things.

Whatever Saba Qamar on Instagram and youtube is quite vocal about Depression in her videos and posts which are mostly about the taboos of our society. Everything responsible for mental illness.

It made people think about their flaws, and this also causes them to overthink about themselves. Overthinking leads to depression.

But the most painful thing is that our society so dumb instead of letting them out of their depression.

They again started to mock them by saying ‘Pagal ,mentally unstable etc.’

So, Promise Yourself That As Of Today, Instead Of CRITICIZING Other People, First Improve Yourself!

// saba qamar instagram

Writer – Malka Noor

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