Isn’t it curious how our hearts beat out in the open in someone’s hands and are so easy to break, yet still some reckless souls let it out of their grasp so quickly whereas others hold it far more close than necessary.

Shadowing the misty pigments of doubt, you thoughtlessly tear out your heart and hold it out in the open for someone to take. You pour your heart out for that someone to take care of it and love them unconditionally. You smile when you look at them as if they are the Sun, the moon and the stars. You help them and adore them without reason and want to do anything to make them happy.

You’re heedless and wild, you’re provoked and aggravated into protecting that person fiercely, both from themselves and from the trespassers. You’d throw away your own goddamn life and serve them now. You’re that person’s slave now and you bear his wishes as your commands. You eat, sleep and drink according to their lives and toss out your entire existence if only so that your heart can receive something warm rather than the cold brutal force from that person.

You’re mind screams at your heart to stop and let you free, but your heart is addicted to the poisonous substance that you misunderstand for love. Your limbs ache like they are about to break off and you become a shadow of what you once were and a shadow to mimic the liking and pleasure of the key keeper of the prison your heart is now in.

But you can bear all that more pleasantly than when that person suddenly takes your heart in his hands and twists it torturously breaking, tearing and shattering it apart. That sound echoes in your now empty mind and you feel as if sucked through a black hole of emptiness and misery because who you once were is gone and now your soul, once colored, is now pitch black and hollow.

Your swallowed by then pain of your wrecked heart and your mind slowly builds again now on the foundation of fragmented misery and ruined hopes. Rebuilt you are still a corpse and a devoid of all that energy you once had.

And then you see another colorful soul who presents to you his fresh, beating heart and you think of how the person who caused this void must have felt and your dull heart turns black as you take his heart with the intention of killing out the spark that lights his reckless soul.

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