Rapid growth in COVID-19 cases, continue to be reported globally, every single day. The pandemic has quickly managed to become the core of anxiety and fear all over the world, simply refusing to be contained by any method whatsoever. Lockdowns are being observed and enforced worldwide in hopes of inhibiting the spread of the highly infectious respiratory disease. 

With the US tally rising above 200,000 — 215,344 to be specific — in a matter of mere weeks, the apprehension of the masses has taken a surge while the government tries to maintain both, the public’s hysteria and the culprit behind it.

The situation gives rise to alarm as the US surpasses Italy in terms of reported cases, recording double the amount of cases there, around 75% more cases than China, the epicenter of the pandemic. The current situation of the US should be taken as a warning by the rest of the world which has been taking the disease lightly, before they are faced with a situation similar to the US. 

Pakistan continues to combat the precarious situation arising due to the viral disease. Recent statistics suggest an increase of more than 50 cases reported within hours, taking the total to 2291.

Situation Of Corona-virus in Pakistan

Rapid growth in COVID-19 cases have been reported in the Punjab province while Sindh follows behind as a close contender. Comparing Pakistan’s situation to the US, it is high-time that the public as well as the government take the appropriate preventive measures to control the spread of the virus as they not only have to fight the disease, but also the public’s ignorance in addition to the issue of the lack of resources.

Conditions of Hospitals

Hospitals are filled to the brim, the amount of testing kits and medical equipment is insufficient while only a limited amount of medical machinery and ventilators are available — there are only 6 ventilators in Baluchistan. 

Measures taken by the government

Fortunately, according to Asad Umar, Federal Minister of planning, as the duration of the first lockdown came to an end, a significant decline in the spread was observed, in the wake of which, during a conference, he announced the imposition of another lockdown, extending to the upcoming fourteen days. 

It is anticipated that the preventive measures taken by the government, along with the public’s committed support would help assuage the peril posed by the pandemic and soon we will wake up to a morning free of dread and terror. 

The Merakian – Laiyba Ali. 

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