The holy month of Ramadan is only a few days away and amidst all my COVID-19 fueled anxiety, I cannot wait to have a month of purpose and inner peace. Ramadan is as special to me as it is for any other Muslim. I don’t view it as a burden, instead I view it as a chance to devote myself to worship and ask for forgiveness.

Every new years eve, we come up with a long list of new year resolutions and promise ourselves that we’ll stick to them. But since the current pandemic has put a stop to most if not all of our plans, we have been forced to give up. But you know one thing that isn’t changing this year? Ramadan! It’ll come on time, and be observed by Muslims all around the world as it has been for years. 

Ramadan Resolutions

So, this time The Meraki fam wants to give you a list of Ramadan resolutions! Because we want to keep the spirit of Ramadan alive and give hope to everyone who might be feeling lost.

Pray 5 Times a Day Consistently

Ramadan Resolutions

    I know a lot of people struggle with this. So do I. 

But you shouldn’t feel bad, especially if you’re trying to better yourself and pray 5 times a day. Being humans, we all make mistakes, but our faults and sins are all forgiven by Allah (S.W.T) so long as we ask for forgiveness.

Ramadan gives us the perfect chance to practice praying 5 times a day. 

Plus point: you feel your heart calm down.

More plus points: there is no hiding anything from Him. So you can be honest and just talk during your dua. It is honestly such a good feeling!

Don’t take your prayers as a duty, take them as a way to inner peace and becoming a better human!

Learning Patience

    What better way to learn patience than in the month of Ramadan? Ramadan Resolution number two is all about learning ‘sabr.’ 

Life has a weird way of throwing things at us when we least expect it to. In those moments, a little bit of patience can go a long way.

The Quran has numerous quotes on acting with patience, but my favorite one is:

“So endure patiently, with a beautiful patience.”

Surah Al-Ma’arij

It is honestly such a good feeling to know that Allah (S.W.T) has given us the powerful act of patience. To put us through hurdles only for us to come out stronger all because we endured with a beautiful patience is a gift.

So, this Ramadan, let’s learn patience! Whether it’s in the form of forgiveness, waiting for your duas to be accepted, life changes or anything!  // Ramadan Resolutions

Stay patient and keep on living!

Learn to Forgive Without holding Grudges

Ramadan Resolutions

    When planning my Ramadan resolutions, I knew I had to include this. 

Many times, we forgive people but hold a grudge against them aka bringing up their mistakes again and again for the next few days or even years. It may feel satisfying to remind their of their faults but;

a. It is toxic. For you and for them.

b. It can cause someone a great deal of pain to the person.

           Whenever my heart tells me not to forgive someone, I always remember the quote from Quran;

“Forgive them, even if they are not sorry.”

Quran 24:22

Forgiveness is such a strong tool to have. Forgive people even if they have not asked you for forgiveness. Because deep in our hearts, we know that He would forgive our sins even if we don’t ask.

I hope we can all learn to forgive sans grudges this Ramadan!

Eat Healthy

    If your new years resolution was to eat healthy and the pandemic put you off-track, don’t worry! All hope is not lost!

Ramadan resolution number 4 is all about following a healthy diet and eating healthy.

I know that after a long day of fasting, the urge to gobble up all those mouth-watering pakoray and samosas can be strong. But hold it!!!

Ramadan Resolutions

You know that after eating all that delicious food (thank you, mama) you’ll feel like a snowman. So, why not try bringing a slow change in the amount of food you consume during iftar? And why not try going out for a walk in the night? 

Don’t let the food tempt you! Make eating healthy your goal for Ramadan.

 Pros: you’ll feel much lighter, you’ll be looking your best during eid and your skin will be popping (not with pimples, with a glow).

Cons: You might miss the delicious food for a while. But it’ll pass. Remember: sabr.

Get Your Sleeping Schedule on Track

    *stares at the 5kg sleeping bags under my eyes* Yeah, these need to go.

Since there will be no binge-watching tv series during Ramadan, getting your sleeping schedule on the right track is the perfect Ramadan resolution.

That means, you sleep on time, you wake up on time and don’t act like a cranky old woman due to your very messed up sleeping schedule. Issay ziada aur kya behtar hosakta hay?

This Ramadan, let’s try to keep our sleeping schedules on the right track!

Be Kind.

Ramadan Resolutions

    Ramadan is famous for charity and sharing. However, charity does not always mean giving material objects.

In fact, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) once quoted:

“Every act of kindness is charity.”

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Sometimes, we forget that a few small acts of kindness can go a long way. Helping someone out in their time of need, saying a few kind words to someone or even going outside to feed birds or stray animals; all of these are acts of kindness. 

No act of kindness is big or small, they are equal in the way they feel; they put your heart to rest and can sometimes ease even your own troubles and worries.

Let’s make being kind an essential part of our Ramadan resolutions!

Ramadan is all about being a better person. If you think that you’ve already made too many mistakes; you haven’t. The first step of becoming better is knowing that you need to be better! With that realization, you’re already halfway there.

I hope these resolutions inspire some of you to truly make the most of this blessed and holy month.

Happy fasting!

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