Ramadan Resolution

Time to transgress and reborn.

Ramadan Resolution

Ramadan is a month of spirituality in the religion of Islam. The word Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word ‘Rmd’ meaning hot/heat/burnt. Does one wonder what is the etymological relation with the month? Let me dig deep and clear it. For instance, look at the example of iron. Iron is melted to be moulded and cut into beautiful things through heating. As a part of the Muslim community, we all believe that Ramadan is that month of the Islamic Lunar calendar which carves our souls and burns the egos which can deviate us from the right path.  It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that purifies our soul to perfection by prohibiting all the devilish forces from Muslim’s life. To fulfil the real essence of this month certain resolutions should be made willfully.

Don’t shake hands but shake hearts: 

As the current pandemic situations have restricted the gatherings and meetup so we all feel like bereft of our loved ones. Many of us feel distant and the distances are sometimes followed by some grievances. So let’s not forget our relationships and most dear friends. Let’s make a resolution of reconciliation and be the first to cleanse the heart and shake it for the sake of our loved ones. Let them know, that you love them for the sake of Creator and reconcile the matters in between so that the Ramadan festivities may be celebrated together.

Time To Fortify The Secret Bonds:

We all have secrets bonds with our Creator and some of our closed ones. Try to make these bonds secretly strong without letting anyone know about it. Remember the loved ones in your special prayers. Ask for the things which can bring satisfaction and happiness in their lives. Take Ramadan as an opportunity to fine-tune the relations with the Lord and people. Improve focus in daily Prayers. We do talk to our Creator through our prayers but it’s just one-way communication. To form a two-way communication, we need our Creator to talk to us. So take an initiative and start with the Quran to know what our Lord tells us. // Ramadan Resolution

Keep the charities a secret between you and the Creator. If you find no way of giving away your charities or gifts, keep them with yourself till the day of Eid. You will find many deserving people on that specific day. Don’t be bothered to ask for the sanitizers of souls for your loved ones and yourself. Abandon all kinds of sore feelings, thoughts and arguments and share the true pure feelings so that all the faded bonds are refreshed by the words of sincerity and loyalty. Make this transgression as a habit in life.

Action Plan

Ramadan Resolution

Care is the element which has lost its essence. This Ramadan can be an opportunity to resurrect the element of care for others in society. Try to abandon sins that are harming the soul and implicitly others. Abandoning Rude talks, behaviors, dishonesty, and disloyalty for the sake of our people. Think of your emotions which are hurt by others, try not to cause those pains, which you suffered, to others. Let’s decide to bring happiness and contentment in the lives of others so that we can make our Creator happy and this pandemic ends with the mercy of Him. Remember one thing, every charity begins at home. So start taking care of the emotions and feelings of your family first. Do whatever pleases them. As a result everything you give will turn back to you one day, just keep calm and be patient for Karma to begin. // Ramadan Resolution

Practice Death Daily

We all feel weak because we are all scared of death. As a Muslim what scares us is the unprepared soul to meet Allah. So let’s make a resolution this Ramazan and strengthen ourselves. Every time we sleep at night our souls are taken away from us and we don’t know whether it will come back in the morning or not. Imagine how much satisfaction it would be if we sleep as death is coming. Amazing idea but how can it be done?

Some of the tips given by our Messenger to practice death before going to sleep every night;

  • Making wadhu (ablution) before going to bed,
  • Reciting surah Mulk and Surah Sajdah,
  • Laying on right side and 
  • Reciting sleeping adhkar.

This practice would cause us to land on real grounds and make us mentally healthy. We would be free from each and every kind of insecurity, illusions, and delusions making our lives more complicated and worst.  // Ramadan Resolution

Web Ibadah

Sometimes we become oblivious of the fact that we are talking to people, while we are on the screens. We unconsciously become forgetful of our responsibilities towards people we are talking to. Here are some web tips which may be addressed while talking through keypads and screens. 

  • In all the ecstasy and enthusiasm be aware of your feelings which is true to be shown. Sometimes we behave differently from the texting than meeting in person. So show  care and respect which would be the same if you have met the person behind the screen. 
  • When you are angry and feels yourself in a fit of aggravated emotions, try to avoid using mobile. Web communications in anger do affect relationships. There are times when much is there which is not meant but said, and the emotions seem ambiguous. It is better to leave your phone aside when feeling aggression and drink water or perform ablution. Afterwards, when everything seems cool down, think of the matter and choose polite ways and words to resolve the matter.
  • While dealing with the opposite gender observe time and choice of words which are reflective of modest and respect. Maintaining a certain level of formality would be a great favour to yourself.
  •  If you feel someone’s reaction insulting try forgiving them for the sake Allah and remind yourself with the rewards which are going to be conferred on us. We don’t know what hardships people are going through, showing patience and tolerance would definitely help the person to come up with sorry.

// Ramadan Resolution

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