When we talk about pop music then the first word which comes into our mind is NAZIA HASSAN.

Nation remembers Nazia Hassan on her 55th birthday today.  Born on 3rd April 1965. 


Hassan began singing during the ’70s and she appeared on several Pakistani TV SHOWS as a child artist.

Nazia Hassan made her singing debut with the song‘’ AAP JAISA KOI MERI ZINDAGI MEIN AAYE’’ from the Bollywood film Qurbani in 1980. 

This song was a huge success in India and she gained overnight fame after this song which was composed of Biddu, a London based music composer in India.

And after this big hit, Nazia Hassan collaborated with Biddu on many other projects.

 And in 1981 she became the first singer to release her album.

 Her debut album ‘’DISCO DEEWANE’, charted in 14 countries worldwide and became the bestselling Asian pop album.

 Queen of pop

Nazia Hassan was also offered to act in a movie but she refused and chose to sign.

 Her second album star/boom boom, which she was nominated for the Filmfare award. The soundtrack was also used in the film ‘’Star’’ in 1982.

 And her second album was successful and increased the popularity of Nazia Hassan and her brother Zohaib Hassan.

And Hassan’s third album was released in 1984 Young Tarang. It was composed by Zoheb and Indian producer Biddu with lyrics written by Nazia Hassan and zoheb. 

The album became the most popular song in Asia and ‘’ANKHEIN MILANE WALE DI KO CHURANNE WALE’’ was the most popular song from the album that we still heard on our TV and radio shows.

And her fourth album’hotline’’ was released in 1987.

And at the end of 1980, she had become the most popular pop singer in India and Pakistan.

In 1991, Nazia Hassan’s fifth album camera camera

Before the release of this album, Nazia Hassan and her brother Zoheb announced that it would be their last album. Camera Camera was released in 1992 and it was not as successful as her previous album and  Nazia Hassan left her singing career after the release of her fifth album and decided to focus on her personal life.

 Queen of pop

She received national and international awards, and she was the first Pakistani artist who received a Filmfare award. 

Hassan was also a philanthropist and her last album camera was a part of a campaign against drugs.

Hassan also received the highest civilian award, Pride of Performance. And a golden disc award

Filmfare Best female playback award (‘’AAP JAISA KOI MERI ZINDAGI MEIN AAYE’’)

Filmfare Best female playback award (boom boom from a star)

Nazia Hassan passed away on August 13, 2000, in London at the age of 35, fought a long battle with lung cancer during the last years of her life. 

 Queen of pop
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