With everyone locked up in their homes, TikTok has become a haven not only for the youth but for the elderly as well. The game between Tiktok Stars is upping daily. Even my grandma is addicted to it; watching it all day long. We see loads of videos trending daily, and with the quarantine going on all around the world, the TikTok stars and many celebrities are making most of their time with this app.

The TikTok Anthem For Bordem!!!

Yes, fellas! Recently a Detroit-based musician namely Curtis Roach uploaded the video via Instagram earlier this month, where he rapped “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored”. And, the video has ever since gone viral.

Last week, the rapper Tyga, turned this fifteen-seconds video into a full-blown song, which turned out to be quite engaging.

Whose Family did it better? Here’s a List The Meraki Handpicked For You;

A lot of celebrities brought out their whole families while performing different challenges on TikTok. Here are a few; 

The Celebrity Power Couple on Tiktok

The soon-to-be-wedded couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue their reign on TikTok challenges as they include their kids in action.

The whole fam had quite the feat while performing “Something New”. Well, since they all finally agreed to do a TikTok together, it had to be done. And I must say, what a conduct it was! 


When the whole fam agrees on a TikTok🥰

♬ Something New feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Wiz Khalifa

The Grandma – Granddaughter Duo

Normani’s grandma is here to give us some choreography lessons. The duo is showing off such a loving relationship with cuteness overloaded. It is one of the videos that went viral on TikTok hastily. Here’s the video where they steal our hearts with a CoinciDANCE;

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

The legendary skills of Mariah Carey are once again proven. She never fails to amaze us and keeps on living up to her reputation. This St Patrick’s Day, the singer gathered up her fam(and her dog), for a cheerful celebration despite the circumstances. And it indeed did blithe us up! Here’s to the pop-queen and her twins, and of course, their dog; 


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!! Stay home & stay safe!! 💚☘️ #fliptheswitch @bryan_tanaka

♬ Nonstop – Drake

The Ultimate “Flipped the Switch Challenge” feat Usher

Lately, flipped the switch challenge has been breaking the internet. There’s been a spree of videos by many stars. From Camila Cabello to the duo of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, they all did it in pairs. Usher got his family involved and did this challenge with his two sons and niece. The flip after his entry is lit!.


#flip #lol #family @yaboinaviyd @luclackey123 @littleusherbaby 

♬ Nonstop – Drake

Dance Classes with Weslie Boss

The famous dancing couple, Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss, best known for their dynamite dance moves perform a dance routine taught by their daughter. Well, it is certain that choreography runs in their veins. It is good to know that they are utilizing their time effectively.

Mark Wahlberg At His Best

Mark Wahlberg recently uploaded a video on his Instagram page, where his daughter fails to get her parents to dance to a quarantine TikTok.

It seems as if both, Mark and his wife – Rhea Durham, cannot dance at all. The look Grace, his daughter, give him doesn’t go unnoticed as Mark Wahlberg tries to memories the choreography. He insists that he got it, and calls his daughter a “hater”, playfully. 


Another Fam-Jam Session with the Wilsons

The American singer Ciara alongside her husband and children did the “Something New” Challenge. The dance stream started off with 2-year-old Sienna, as the toddler took the lead with her toddler rendering of the dance.

The next in line, Future Jr. added in his own spin to the dance routine. Ciara came in next as she showed off her baby bump, and slain the choreography. The lineup ended with Anna Wilson, followed by her brother Russell Wilson, all the while the little ones ran around.

Self-Care Party With The Alba Fam

Jessica Alba and her daughters, Honor and Haven, are spending their quarantine time quite impressively. In this time, staying at home can turn into a benefit for us as it has the Albas. Taking care of our skins and diets, while we are locked up, as we aren’t so vigilant during our day to day tough routines. And, this is the perfect time to regain our energy back!

 While we are trying to stay calm and have fun during this time crisis, and keeping ourselves motivated, there are a few horrors too.

A diverse app that holds people together from all around the world brings in diverse ideas and perspectives too. As most of them are working hard on entertaining the audience with fun-filled content, there are a few who are giving us a reality check from time to time.

This Is How Teens Are Keeping Up With The Dark Hours:

Here’s a pair of teen TikTok users acting out ‘How could this summer look like with the menace of Coronana lurking around the world?’; 

With the ongoing outbreak, many TikTok videos are making us reflect on the dark humour that the teens have come to adopt, amidst this catastrophe.

// game between Tiktok Stars

Writer – Bismah Barket

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