Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Assignments – A word that translates to oppression to many even under ordinary, or more accurately, normal circumstances. But what about now – in these terrific, depressing Quarantine times? What degree or status do assignments hold in the present day? Have they now attained a status far worse? Something more like a death sentence?

Well, yes. Unfortunately, we’re almost there, especially when it comes to graded assignments. People out there already have a hard time focusing on staying sane, healthy, protected, and sufficiently social. These graded assignments (which seem to have a significant impact on your overall performance) serve as a cherry on the top of the quarantine-struggle cake.

But, let me inform you, there’s a plot twist as well. For some people, the term Assignments now translates to a much-needed escape, or you could say, engagement – a blessing even. Surprising, isn’t it? But how exactly? Who are these people? An article on Quarantine Assignments and Stress

Well. Let’s find out!

Quarantine Stress; A Glimpse

Well, these people do not exist in some extraterrestrial life. If you look close enough, they’re within your field of vision. Nevertheless, let us start from scratch, we’ll learn identification ourselves.

To begin with, the root cause of the stress that we discuss here is none other assignments. The range of these assignments includes every assignment from a first grader’s homework to a university student’s thesis. On a broader spectrum, it also includes tasks assigned to employed staff and check-and-balance maintained by business owners.

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

These people, like the rest of us, are already pouring huge sums of energy into getting through the day. When they get faced by the fact that if they don’t perform well in the XYZ assignment, they could ruin their year-long effort, or in some cases, not make to the destination that they had been so desperately looking forward to, they feel burdened, pressured, and stressed. 

Consequently, the situation and feeling alter their behaviour and deteriorate their health status. Thus, making surviving – an even tougher task. 

According to CCOHS, it can not only lead to a weakened immune system, headaches, stomach issues, and other forms of physical weakness but can also raise anxiety and depression levels. Thus, giving rise to poor performance, irritability, and even suicidal thoughts. 

For the very reason, it happens to be a sensitive, crucial, and influential issue that one must cater to at all costs. And addressing the issue begins with identifying stress factors. So, let’s have a look at these.

Identifying Factors of Stress 

Although we are discussing only the stress caused by assignments, there are a few factors that seem to ignite or fuel this stress. Other forms of stress back the assignment stress. In truth, I’d say, assignment stress itself holds no grounds if it were not for the factors mentioned below. 

At times, these factors are even a consequence of assignment stress. Either way, things would be in a better shape if we could identify and eliminate or avoid the following propellants.

Family Conflicts

Staying inside and spending 24 hours with people you adore and live for, certainly sounds fun. But not when it becomes the only thing you have to do. For maintaining the balance of love and values, it’s important to allocate the right amounts of attention in every aspect of life and to every individual. Scarcity or abundance, both can take things downhill. And that has been a major concern in these quarantined times.

People have been forced into their families, whether they like it or not. And discussions, arguments, and complaints that got buried ages ago are now resurfacing.

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Family members seem to be indulging in discussions that eventually lead to unending and even violent arguments. In some cases, people are getting so exhausted that they are even killing!

For instance, an uncle in Peshawar killed his nephew only because she was making noise. Similarly, another man killed his sister for adding sugar in sharbat. The domestic violence rate is also increasing globally. Quarantine Assignments and Stress are inevitable.

Such circumstances severely hinder the continuation of work, assignments, and daily life chores. They make progress and existing tough in quarantine.


Excessive scrolling and binge-watching emotionally straining drama serials have become one of the commonly-faced dilemmas of the present times. Such distractions not only waste our time and energy but also lower our productivity rate.

Also, the realization of these distractions hits us with a wave of regret, pushing us further deeper into the pits of depression.

Overtime Work

Well, on the opposite side of the lens, we have overly-productive people. People who choose to spend all of their free time making something out of their lives. These people need to realize that they need to take a break, breathe, and have a greater lifespan of productivity.

For example, students who do not have anything better to do than study, complete their assignments (both pending and future ones) timely, which is good. But then, they strive to cover their syllabus before time, which exhausts the young mind.

Thus, deteriorating performance the other day, eventually building up a huge wave of exhaustion that once crashes, will bring the struggling student down. The student will not be able to perform well in what matters

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

As for the assignments assigned by educational institutes, it’s hard to say whether its good or not. That’s because it’s playing a substantially different role for each individual.

Although, we at The Meraki, strictly believe that teachers should be less demanding and a bit easy with deadlines and grading, we also believe that they need to enforce it at times so that most of us stay afloat. So, we stay as much near to our normal lives as possible.

(Don’t forget, we, as human beings, cash even the slightest of an excuse as an escape. Staying put requires effort and struggle that only a few of us are willing to volunteer.)

Similarly, hourly-workers or entrepreneurs are spending 24 hours in building up their career. Even though we appreciate the spirit, it’s best to slow down for sanity’s sake. Quarantine Assignments and Stress are a part of students life these days.

How to effectively manage yourself?

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Earlier, you read that there are some people to whom assignments do not seem a punishment, oppression, or burden. Rather, they consider it an escape, engagement, or blessing. Although that approach is more or less correct (since the resultant puts away stress after all), we need to direct our energy towards perceiving these assignments as a blessing and engagement solely. We need to gradually and eventually eradicate the escape belief because that only means you’re running from your problems and not addressing them.

For the very reason, it is important to implement the below-mentioned strategy to consciously bring a positive balance in your life; to truly fight and defeat the assignment stress in this quarantine. Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Adopt a different approach

Fundamentally, adopting a different approach means adopting a different and more positive school of thought. If we start viewing the current circumstances as an opportunity instead of a constraint, we may as well have a better outlook on life and the days passing by. If you view the situation as:

Finally, I can pay undivided attention to myself, home, family, and assignments. I can finally perform better at almost everything!

Instead of:

God, this sucks. I’m forced to stay inside.

Focus on viewing the situation in a positive light. If you pay undivided and uninterrupted attention to your due assignments, you will learn better and score better.

If it’s the household chores that keep interrupting, then you can use this time to train yourself in establishing a balance between work-from-home and work-for-home. It’s the same equation as before, just minus the social activity, traveling, and running-here-and-there time. 

Note that it will not come to you magically. You have to work your way towards this approach by consciously training your mind. Catch yourself midway through negative thoughts and CORRECT yourself.

Plan your day(s)

The second most important step towards managing yourself includes planning your days. Look, this does not mean you have an idea of what you’ll do. Instead, this means to practically plan each day. Or if that sounds a too-strenuous task, plan each week.

Grab a pencil and a paper, list down all your major goals to achieve during this lockdown (that is if you have some extra time on your plate.) If not, list down the daily activities that you have to continue with but from home now.

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Make a Monday to Friday or Saturday planner and make sure each working day comprises ample hours of relaxation, family time, and creativity. Keep Sunday unplanned and free (or perhaps planned for a fun activity), to keep the spirit of weekends alive.

Also, try to keep this routine as close to normal as possible. Even if your school or work is off, try keeping your constructive activity hours during 9-2 pm and sleeping like before.

Restrict yourself 

Free time often allures us towards fields that may pump up a bit of adrenaline and incite excitement or anxiety. We tend to obsess, worry, stress, and challenge ourselves. Here’s my take on that: chill it out.

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

The thrill’s worth it, I know. And also, it gives you something to do. But it only best serves you when it’s once in a while and not all the time. And so, now is not the best time to wreck your brain.

Stop taking excessive assignments on your plate only to test your limits. Stop setting impractical goals within impossible deadlines (consecutively). And also, learn to say no to discussions and engagements that further threaten your already tired and stressed existence.

More importantly, learn to switch channels and shut down platforms broadcasting the Coronavirus news 24/7. Trust me. We’re all equally curious. But to keep the mind sane, healthy, and functional, you need to learn to step out of the vicious news cycle. Just keep yourself sufficiently updated.

Last Resort: Reach Out to a Professional

If you feel that all the measures mentioned above are not helping you get back on track or if the stress factors mentioned above are far away from what may be triggering or causing your stress, then it’s time to reach out to a professional. That’s because if none of this sounds familiar and you still suffer through chronic stress, especially when it comes to assignments, then you ought to seek the reason behind.

Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

Not registering it and silently enduring it will do no good. That’s because stress like this only builds over time and causes the body’s wear and tear. So, seek a professional counselor, therapist, or medical professional’s help immediately. These days, you can even get help on call. Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

And remember, do not let Loug Kia Kahien Ge in between you and your therapist. The loss will only be yours if you ever let it rule you. Besides, for your comfort, let me tell you a fun fact: it’s almost legal in the eyes of these Loug these days, thanks to coronavirus.

Perhaps, experience has cut some slack on kinder attributes. But then again, we can’t really say. So, make sure that at least you row your boat wisely.

//Quarantine, Assignments, and Stress

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