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Breaking The Chains

                                            <a href="">What kind of work do we accept? </a>
                The Meraki Magazine accepts following submissions</p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;"><li><sub>Poetry,</sub></li><li><sub>Short Stories</sub></li><li><sub>Essays</sub></li><li><sub>Free Writing</sub></li><li><sub>Article</sub></li><li><sub> Artworks</sub></li><li><sub>Paintings</sub></li><li><sub>Images, and </sub></li><li><sub>Short Tales,</sub></li><li><sub> Photo Journalism, </sub></li><li>Open Letters</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">What language do we accept submissions?</a>
                <p>The Meraki is Bilingual literary Magazine. We accept English and Urdu languages for the time being.<br />Note: We don&#8217;t accept anything in Roman Urdu.
                                            <a href="">How often we Publish our issue?</a>
                We publish our issue twice in a month. The Meraki releases its issue in two half. First half on 1st of every month and second half on 16th of every Month
                                            <a href="">How to Submit my work? </a>
                For the submission of the categories mentioned above, you need to submit your work in digital form.<br />Send us your work on 

The subject of your email should be: Title of poem + category + Issue

For example Chaos within+ Poem+Addiction

  • Word Limit for stories minimum 500- 2500 words.
  • Word Limit for poetry is minimum 200 words.
  • Word Limit for articles is minimum 400 words.
  • If you are submitting book-reviews, make sure you follow a set pattern of Writing the title, about the author, plot, story-line/summary, characters, your reviews along with the picture(s) the book.
  • We accept all kinds of contents, related to in either English or Urdu
  • We accept only 5 submissions per person at the same time.
  • Urdu Writings must be typed in Urdu.
  • Roman Urdu is not acceptable.
  • Make sure you’re grammar is correct
    Have at least 1.5 space in you’re text.
  • All information must be correct before submission.
  • The writer holds rights for his/her content submitted to The Meraki.


The size of the picture should be greater than 3MP.

  • The format of the picture should be JPEG.
  • The resolution of the picture should be more than 1024×768.
  • The picture should be unpublished. If published then contact us before submission.
  • Artist must submit the pictures taken by them only i.e their™
  • Submit edited and raw pictures, both.

How to get published ?

For the submission of your work, you need to submit your work in digital form i.e.  MS word document.
Send us your work ( MS file) on 

The subject of your email should be: Title of poem + category + Issue

For example Chaos within+ Poem+Addiction

Time left for Acceptance of submissions

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