” Poets without any Poetry “
I met you
Before looking at you,
Standing two rows away from me
Telling the world about the time
You dreamt about making friends.
I met you
Without a poetry to my name,
Only words
That made me realise
You are a wonderful poet.

You wrote me dreams,
On pieces of paper
Tucking them in my back pocket
Asking me to read them
When I get back home,
But soon I realised
You were my home.
How much you loved songs
That made your heart stir,
And I could’ve turned you into a song
But I didn’t have the words,
Which made me realise
You are a wonderful poet.

Last time you cried
Was because world seemed too hard to handle,
And I realised a heart of gold
Can’t be broken by heaviness of sad things.
Tears trickling down your face
I wish I could’ve
Written you a poetry
About the redness of your face
And the beauty of it all,
But I didn’t have words
And you made me realise
You are a wonderful poet.

I could’ve been hiding
But you held me,
With a piece of you
Stitched into me.
On nights
Your voice got me home,
When I was scared to go home.
While I tried writing you poetry
I didn’t have words
And you made me realize
You are a wonderful poet.

I couldn’t write you a thing
And you kept turning yourself
into a poem.
A poet doesn’t write poetry
They make you believe it exists around you.
While I tried to decipher
I slowly knew
I’ll never have words
To write you something,
Because you already are
A wonderful poet.
I could only give you
To the world,
For them to keep you
Safe within themselves.
I’ll write a few pale pages
And how
Your name was the closest thing
To hope and family,
Because you
Are a wonderful poet,
Without any poetry to your name.

Featuring Writer: Devang Mishra

Poets without any Poetry

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Ayesha Anwar
1 month ago

This was so good!!