Ayushmann Khurrana, a complete man of art. He is one the most loving and talented actor of Bollywood. Before stepping into, Bollywood he was a theater performer, RV, VJ, singer, and contestant of reality show. Poetry of Ayushmann Khurrana is also as amazing as him.

 sad poetry

He came to into limelight with this debut movie Vicky Donor which was released in 2012. Since then he has never looked back. With his realistic and amazing acting, he was won tons of awards like Filmfare, IIFA, National film award and etc.

Ayushman has done Bachelors in English Literature which seems like his real passion. Maybe that has sparked the poetic flare in him.

We are aware that he writes songs, but very few of us know that he also loves writing poems and couplets. The actor often shares his work on the nuances of life on his social media and they’re something that we can totally relate to. So enjoy ayushmann khurrana poetry.

So, lets dive into the world of Ayushmann’s poetry which will hit you on another level.

Sardiyon K Kapde or Badla Mausam

Kuch Alag he mera raag ha

Ayushmann Khurrana knows how to win hearts and make them bleed at the same time from his poetry.

Yeh Feham ha Mujhko

I don’t know what is it but his poetry feel like dagger in my chest. He knows how the words flow and how to shape it as a sword.


Bachpane Se Mohabbat

Yeh Kesi Rivaaytien Han

Matalabi Zamana

Naadani Ha Uski

I wish i see ayushmann khurrana poetry book or at least ayushmann khurrana poetry book that is going to a hundred times better than these self proclaimed poets.

Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the most versatile talents we have in the industry today. A subtle actor and singer, there’s something very pleasant about the demeanor that immediately makes you want to warm up to him.

We all have to have to agree that Ayushmann knows how to write classical sad poetry with the twist of modernism. So, did Poetry of Ayushmann Khurrana will hit you on another level

// Poetry of Ayushmann Khurrana which will hit us on another level

// Ayushmann khurrana poetry in hindi

Umang Kumar

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21 days ago

Hi! This is good

20 days ago

great poetry. keep it up. nice doing