Play of fate // Safa F. Aamir

Welcome audience to the play of fate,

Directed exceptionally by the Lord’s plan

Here what I misconceived that I’m a main character,

That I may lead, and the consequences get in order.

Here by my stance, the script can be manipulated,

Only euphoric acts can be played, and the melancholic scenes will be deleted.

Here what I thought, my goals lied on a straight lane,

One takes shot and I don’t have to thrive again

But stop!

There is a twist in the plot.

Replaying all the scenes the fantasy bursts,

The harsh reality comes in front.

That Oh lady!

You’re just a puppet

Whose strings were controlled by the fate’s culprit,

Surrendered vulnerably against his demands.

One day you’re laughing badly and the other you’re torn apart,

Surprises here usually pay visits.

Sometimes they will bend your back and clench your fists.

Darling, you’re in the nightmare mist.

Breathing heavily and lost in this maze.

As this is fate, always a step ahead

But in the end, if you stand steady,

Love, happiness and accomplishments will come to your way, be ready.

As it’s a play plotted by Lord,

He will test you, but actions always gift rewards.

You will get exposed and explored during this journey

However, uncountable awards too written in your destiny.

Play of fate // Safa F. Aamir

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