Oh Time! // Pakeeza Imtiaz

Oh Time! What have you done to me?

You have Taken every Friend of mine away from me.

Friends which are the quintessence of Shadowy tree,

 people with whom the blurry world looks brighter and free.


I want to hold them, I want to see them.

I want to let them know they are important to me.

Oh passing Time! Some people are stuck in me,

Some voices have gone deep in me like stones in the sea.

Oh Continual Time!

People are lost in you, but you never bother anything,

You keep on going, ticking and ticking.

I thought you would never be harsh upon me,

but when I lost my loved ones, my very own people,

I realized I was living in fool`s Paradise.


Why are you so cruel?

Why are you such a strong Force?

Why are you ruthless?

Why are you blind?

Why like life you never give second chance to those who plea?

I don`t want to lose my loved ones with whom I spent golden years of my life,

I want to see the smiles, the laughter of those chirping and shining people once more.

More and more of those that are gone,

I want to listen their stories and let them know of mine.

But being so blind and cruel you have taken away all that from me,

as you have taken from the ones before me.

But why am I blaming you?

You are made to do this

But Time!

It hurts, it hurts, when memories of those people,

fades and finally vanishes from the heart and mind ,

and so called strong being sees all these reckless scenes being helpless and miserable.

Oh Uncatchable Time!

I have heard you are a healer as well.

Soothe me and make me forget this pain,

Even if for a few moments.

Make my wounds heal,

Make me heal.

Oh Time! // Pakeeza Imtiaz

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