Oh Nevermore // Misbah Ahmad

“The shrill, the shriek, the sham”

The spell of witches of scam.

Creeping into the pores of souls,

Breaking under the dawn of coals.

In blackest whites and golden blues

Death is here, Oh! There are clues.

Anger? Denial? That fancy smile?

The world, the love, the beauty and vile.

All went down the road of cries,

all rolled down the hill of lies.

When all the fake emotions stay,

Death is here, Oh! there are days.

The days which moved Van Gogh to soot,

the days which painted the nights hoot.

When yellow mustard and green hues,

painted the joy in mad cues,

When shadowed rotting stones are bright,

Death is here, Oh! There are plights.

Dark flares and flames,

Plath died the same.

The force that aided madness,

was hiding already in sadness.

When stove engulfed the heart of fire,

The death is here, Oh! wailing desire

Listen to the hearkening of the beasts of odds

the black mysteries of Poe’s gods.

The tales that moved the sickened heart,

the tales that moved through eyes as dart.

When wings are tangled and dream sore,

Death is here! Oh nevermore.

Oh Nevermore // Misbah Ahmad

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