Every winter night, when whistle of train is audible even from miles away from my room

I remember I have not seen or touched a train for months but it doesn’t stop existing in the world.

Like you still breathing in the air of a small city

And my eyes haven’t seen you yet.

It’s your words that suck on my heart like leeches and this world watched me run away from salt mines.

I have not rocked your tiredness on my lap when you feel it,

But when you say, my heart cannot bear its weight and i bend towards the ground

I swirl when I hear you yawn and pray to keep sitting at your feet and listen the song you cry as a prayer

She says she hates the ‘gram algorithm and I say I hate it’s life’s’ where similar don’t attract Our love for peaches and plants was never enough to drag us towards one land.

Why heavens don’t melt, hell fire not extinguish and God writes the fate as we desire?

I have felt my heart heavy and drown in sadness that pools around me, channels to your heart.

I can’t be another Plath and burn my face in an oven

But my heart is burned and ripened enough and waiting to fall for you!

But it won’t make history as you are an art not Einstein.

People won’t write books on us and all nature laws are against us.

But let me make a home out of your sadness

And I will be sad there,


Like you.

Featuring Writer: fariha Nargis

// My eyes haven’t seen you yet

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Kanza Zubair
3 months ago