Message from Mars // Akshay . G

The Times (17th April, 2038)

After years of trying to decipher the meaning behind the hieroglyphs found on Planet Mars, leading linguist Mr. Afanasy Lvov and his team have cracked the code. And the results are shocking.

“This is a huge day in human history,” says Mr. Lvov. “The repercussions of this message will impact future generations of mankind.”

Mr. Lvov refused to comment on the content of the message, whose translation has been made public. The unabridged transcript can be read on Pg. 9

The Times, Pg. 9

Planet Xeno (Planet Mars as called by its own inhabitants) was home to the first life originated in this 9 bodied system. We, Xenites, were an organic civilization; with evolved mental faculties. When the neighboring planet, Planet Xono (Planet Earth), began to show signs of supporting life, we observed and learned much. The anthropoid life forms interested us, and we brought selective specimens to our planet. With rapid evolution, we went through the many forms of the bipedal creatures to reach their final humanoid form. Only one survived.

The learning process of this humanoid, named Xonothian I, was rapid. We taught him our Xenite science and with his two tentacles which sprouted further sub-tentacles, he created wonders. Xonothian I was by far the most productive organic life form and was cherished on Xeno. With time his knowledge and wisdom grew and he rose in the ranks of the Ruling Council. Soon, the 7 Kingdoms of Xeno, those that have stood for over 233 Revolutions, were annexed and supreme control was given to Xonothian I. We few, loyal to the old order, rebelled against this new country and were hunted.

As the Planet’s resolutions passed, Xonothian I grew old and sickness fell over him and the country. The older he grew, the worse the country became. The Xenites were his personal servants and he sanctioned the creation of vile technologies untouched since the time of wars. The country broke apart into smaller unions each fighting under the rule of Xonothian I.

We, the hunted, remained hidden; until the day we heard of the creation of the Planet Devastatora biological weapon with the power to exterminate life on a planet created in the times of the Xeno Wars, but never used. It was to be used on Planet Xono, his own home. Fear of another Xonothian coming to take his place had germinated within him. The High Council had been disbanded and there was no power to stop this heinous act. Except us.

We, the free Xenites who lived beyond the rule of the potentate, activated the Devastator on our own home planet. It was the only way to stop him. If you are reading this, you will know we have succeeded and this mark stands, recalling what a Xonothian is capable of and our beloved Planet Xeno will stand as a testament, coated in our blood.       

Message from Mars 

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