Mental health is  a level of psychological well being of a person which a woman in India, and not only in India but in many countries face today. A woman has to go through a lot of challenges since her birth because she is not THEIR preference.

This mentally exhausting life begins from her teenage when her hormones start changing. In the beginning when her mensuration cycle begins, she stays tensed about it that when is she going to bleed every month. For some it’s a joke but when it starts it is really exhausting. Then due to change in the hormones, she starts gaining weight which is a big mental stress which for others maybe normal but for a teenage girl it is seriously so frustrating.

Well it’s a girl’s problem and no one will ever understand, because an Indian mentality thinks that ‘girl don’t have brain’. Still, till here everything is still fine but when it comes to a serious relationship and marriage, then comes the real face of life which is like a lady demon  which seems beautiful but is very scary and dangerous.

She have to think about everyone’s happiness and she end up making herself upset and stressed. Then comes ‘the management thing’.  Management of home with her education and career. See, this is 21st centuary so many of us are okay with girl’s education and career after marriage. People accept it today but on the provision that it is her headache to manage both.

She wakes up early, get ready, cook and assure that everyone eat it and then do some cleaning, rush to office, work, work, work and then come back at home and again cook and clean, make everyone eat it and sit with the family, let everyone enjoy and laugh, give time to her husband and etc etc. She is just running, she forgets herself and in between all these things her mental peace get distorted and she creates a mental cage around her of cemented walls.

A woman leaves her home for someone else. She get out of her comfort zone to make everyone happy and satisfied. She leave all her happiness and comforts and only for her love she do all the compromises and adjustments. No one force her to do all these things but she does this with her happiness because she felt good when her partner is happy because of her, still people insult her, says that women are headache, people don’t support her, she become mentally unstable still no one holds her hand.

In this life full of thorns no one is there to support her or to hold her. People only say that they do but the reality is known by only that woman who faces all these things. And because of all these things her brain damages, she got broken mentally. “And this is the life of a woman, either rich or poor.”

Maybe we need to understand that she is our need and we have to support her, hold her, calm her and give her her peace which is everyone’s birth right. Her mental peace is very important for all. Don’t be a reason of someone’s stress, its damn difficult to handle. Be a reason of someone’s smile, the world needs her.

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