Mawra Hocane gets called out for supporting roadside harassment

Mawra Hocane’s controversial statement regarding public harassment faced by women has taken twitter by a storm. The actress confidently claimed that she ENJOYS being stared at during the interview with Nida Yasir.

Living in a deeply patriarchal country such as Pakistan is difficult as it is, on top of that, claims like these simply invalidate experiences of others and worsens the harassment Pakistani women face. The interview of Mawra Hocane dates back to 2018 but it resurfaced only recently. The video is of a morning show where Mawra is a guest along with Humayun Saeed and Kubra Khan. Nida Yasir, the host, asks her whether she has ever been teased on the streets and malls while shopping for Eid to which Mawra replies:

 “This is the fun part of Lahori Eid, boys playing loud music in cars and hollering at girls, this is the feel of Lahori Eid so we don’t mind.”

Umm, excuse me miss, talk for your self! None of us wants to be stared at or catcalled. This is a traumatizing experience and way beyond anything ‘fun’. /Mawra Hocane Harassment

Nida Yasir further asks her if she minds getting teased even now. Hocane’s insensitive reply blew our minds. She says

“Koi masla nahi hai (no problem), keep looking at us.”


Twitter Lashes Out

Twitterati can’t believe that a celebrity who holds a degree in LAW can say something so insensitive and thoughtless. Mawra’s problematic views are no more tolerated as girls are speaking up.

While she herself might be okay with harassment but that doesn’t mean that all the other girls of Pakistan are okay with it too.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that the Hocane sisters made irrational comments on national television. In another interview with Nida Yasir, Hocane sisters appeared as guests to promote their clothing line.

Midway in the show, Nida inquired the reason behind their thin frames to which they replied that it is due to healthy eating. While we agree that eating clean helps maintain a healthy lifestyle, the next comment by the sisters was extremely problematic.

The sisters claimed that eating junk food is the reason behind depression. Putting out such ludicrous claims on national television where the audience consists of parents who already believe depression is a hoax is literally the dumbest thing you can do.

This comment not only undermines the real causes behind depression but also invalidates the experiences of people who have fought severe depression due to different reasons.

Being a celebrity means you have a responsibility to promote awareness on matters like harassment and mental health. You have a huge fan following, there are kids who look up to you yet you make such reckless comments.

It is better to remain silent then spew out nonsense. Cancelling culture might be cancelled, and rightfully so, but that doesn’t mean you will be supported for your ridiculous views. Mawra should clear the air and publicly apologize for her insensitive comments. / Mawra Hocane Harassment

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