It is not very often that we come across meaningful lessons that act like reminders of assurance for us. We are all so caught up with other things, that we, very conveniently, tend to forget about notions that truly matter. In times like these, Masaba Masaba, a short and inspiring Indian Web Series about an Indian fashionista, revived within us some soulful beautiful lessons that we truly never want to let go of!

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Masaba Masaba Reminded us of These 5 Beautiful Lessons

You Can Own Being a Hot Mess

A lot of us wake up everyday, aiming to strive for perfection. Now don’t get me wrong, working hard and striving for your goals is great. But often times, we beat ourselves so much for the things we couldn’t do right.

Sometimes those things aren’t even in our control, but we decide to take this hazardous plunge of owning full responsibility and delve into self-loathing. We forget, that making mistakes is what makes us such a phenomenal human being. To put it shortly, we are all kind of bound to mess up!

Even those people you look up to so much, HAVE MADE mistakes, or have had things not turned out the way they wanted it to be. Being a hot mess is not just okay. Instead, in a way, it is an essential part of your journey.

In fact, you can OWN it as much as you’d like. Every human has been one. The key is to embrace your imperfections and hang in tight, because you will definitely reach there!

Age Really is Just a Number

You’re probably a little less reflective if you claim that Neena Gupta did not majorly inspire you. The woman decided to not want to give up on her acting, and did not let her age act as a deterrent from her perspective enough to give up . She aimed to persistently strive, until she finally got her shot.

Neena Ji - Neena Gupta - Masaba Masaba

A lot of us, teenagers and young adults, especially, think that we have failed life, and that we might never achieve things because ‘it’s too late’.

Well, remember that iconic guy on KFC’s bucket that we all love? Yes, Harland David Sanders! Just FYI, he started KFC at 65!

You are not behind. Infact, you are right on track. You don’t necessarily have to be the next Neena Gupta or Mr Sanders. Just constantly strive for becoming the FIRST you, and you my friend, are good to go!

Resilience Will Get You Through

After the horrible turnout of the fashion show, Masaba finally decided to not run away from her problems, and make things right. It reminds us, that when things don’t turn out our way, or things go wrong, we should grab every chance we have to fix them.

As long as it is possible, your resilience can be way more rewarding than you think.

Only the People Who Love You Will Tell you the Truth about Yourself

Masaba Masaba
Source: BookMyShow

This kind of hit us hard!

Often times, we perceive our parents to be against our happiness. They don’t allow us for things we really want. (This does not include the type where your wings are unnecessarily clipped).

Their statements seem unreasonable to you. Looking back, and now understanding the difference between right and wrong better, I can confirm, that almost everything my mom has pointed out was the best for me.


This is not restricted just to your parents. And instead of getting offended on what they have to say, maybe try to reflect on what they have said and work on it. This is exactly what Masaba did when she was confronted and given a much-needed wake-up call by her friend Gia.

This World Needs Your Kindness

Masaba Masaba kindness Gehna
Source: BBC

I have saved my favourite one for the last.

If you relate to the character of Gehna – Masaba’s assistant, you will accurately be able to comprehend the point I am trying to put across.

There are some people in this world, who care too much. There have been circumstances in their past that have totally crushed their self esteem. As a consequence of this, they don’t believe in themselves too much. They would do as much as they can, and still fail to meet their own expectations sometimes, always considering themselves at fault.

Not only was Gehna a hardworking assistant, she was the only one to offer a place to Masaba. She was there for her when Masaba needed her and genuinely was very concerned for her.

When their show went messed up, Gehna’s anxious mind took full responsibility of it, which led her to wanting to resign.

At such an occurrence, Masaba made it evident to her by telling her “You are the best assistant I’ve ever had” A true depiction of how intensely Masaba NEEDED Gehna’s kindness.


People belonging to Gehna’s kind just really need a little reassurance to get going through. This reminds you to always appreciate when you spot someone working hard, and not bring these people down. Their self-esteem is very fragile, as a consequence to which it gets shattered quite easily.

Help them become the best version of themselves. Your assurance is really all that they need.

And most importantly, people like her are PRECIOUS. If you are anyone like her, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU AND YOUR KINDNESS!


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