Role The Sky and Make a Joint // Umang Kumar

I wish to gulp down
the moon hanging above
maybe that’s a solution to cries of lovers
or maybe to roll the starry sky
to make a joint and smoke it up
I said to her while walking ahead
with her hand in one and cigarette in other.

But what about the emptiness of us
your hollow smile and deserted heart.
How would you fill the emptiness
it is not your midnight glass of whiskey
how would you inhabitate your heart
it is not your ancestral home anymore
you are here a guest
your heart now belongs to someone else
Someone has taken everything with her
only leaving behind unsent poetries
unbearable miseries, and ashes.

My legs shivered but i kept walking
to avoid the spears of her eyes
to hide the ache of dark nights
I wish I could have been Mirza Glaib
maybe then my poetry could have
written an answer
with all thoae beautiful metaphors
and philosophies which hard to decrypt.

I too wish Umang, you could have been
Mirza or Manto or Ismat but my dear
here you are a broken lover
with terrible thoughs and
the tongue that does not hold answers.

The cigarette fell from my hands
before burning till its last breath
My mind became a battlefield
and things and the thoughts came to an halt.
With trembling lips, i asked
Who are you and how can you read minds.

She didn’t say word for moments few
“why did you stop, Umang?
come walk with me till the end of street
won’t you dear ? won’t you walk with me ?
come on Don’t be afraid, Umang
I won’t haunt you After all I’m not your past
or the people you are afraid to walk with.

That’s always a problem with me
I chose lovers who really don’t exist
those who do can read mind
and can see broken hearts
after all they are not humans
who they are spirit, past, memories
Ghost or the people I lost ?

It has been a little while now
I stayed silent and didn’t walk free
It is like i inherited roots and
became a tree in this chaotic city
She moved toward me and asked again
or maybe said In a tone that i forgot
the concept of exists of saying no.

I have nothing else to do
maybe i do have but isn’t better
to walk with her then to stay drunk
with some call girls on the other side of world
better then the nightmares of lover.

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Gulping down moon is solution to cries of loner not lover. It’s nicely written