Lover // Ainulhayat

Those who gone through fana and baqa

For the oneness

Who become empty

From all desires of this world

Who is free from sadness and happiness

Who’s soul have no desires

Desire to enjoy dirtiness

Desire to enjoy sinfulness

But the body seems to be seeking death

To find the truth of oneness

Soul go through to hell

As when nafs wakeup

No one looks for soul

As when the soul is aware

When the angel of death arrives

I whirl like a dervish

No one sense the old Rose’s essence

But those who wake up from this world

No one is able to read the poetry

Which is written on Patel’s of black Rose’s

I placed my foot on the road of death

To earn the love of beloved

Now I’m aware of oneness

I’m no more blind to both worlds

My soul has an image of beloved

My eyes read the message of beloved

Which are written in this universe

When I’m with him

The world float like clouds full of water

The rain make me cry

As baby cry to see his mother

I’m a lover who want to die

Who want to taste the pain of death

The pain to see his love

I don’t have fear and anger

I’m free from this world

As old souls are free

I searched for love like rumi searched

I found love like shams found

I’m still searching

I’m still on the road to clean my self

For my beloved

Lover // Ainulhayat

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4 months ago

Beautiful !!
Your writing makes me think deeply about certain things. ..
Looking forward to your next work (: