When I was young I was told that Love is not a good thing. Too much love from strangers should be avoided, too much concern from known people should also be deeply evaluated, a man of principles and the one with least broken promises and well fulfilled commitments should be judged for other lacking. So, on the whole I was taught how to read and write but I was never taught how to love, I was taught to be many things in life a good girl, a qualified graduate, a competent professional and well settled individual but I was never taught to be a good human.

As I grew up I started taking things differently I never had teachers who had taught me things like love and affection for fellow humans other than how to improve my grades, I never had elders even my own parents who could taught me things like loving others keeping myself aside instead they taught me how to become unbeatable, how to defend myself (even if I am wrong at times) It was good and really helping in a world like this where every other person is striving to survive.

I have no shame in telling people that my parents were like this or my teachers have been teaching me this and that because somehow you might have faced same circumstances, or same teachings with very little ability to accept the truth. Despite the fact we siblings are often given long lectures from our father on humanity, charity, and stuff against selfishness but still I feel something lacking behind when I see the society as a whole and role of my teachers and parents in it.

Well it’s on a bigger picture it’s neither the teachers nor the parents who are wrong I respect them for sure but as a writer when I critically analyze the circumstances I grew up in and the circumstances my youngers are growing up in, I find this society a big, big mess.

This society is weird it raises dragons who have got fire to burn living beings alive and at the end of the day the society blames the dragons for the destruction and never admits that it is the one who created them. There is another misunderstanding people often tend to confuse ‘Love’ with ‘vulgarity’, they also confuse ‘Love’ with ‘friendship’.

So what ‘love’ really is? And who the hell a ‘lover’ is?

Love is neither anything which is blind nor anything in which everything is fair. Love is quite far away an emotion from this kind of descriptions. To me love is a feeling where you tend to understand things way better, where you start giving them credit for being human and where you believe others deserve as much forgiveness and concern simultaneously as you deserve.

Love is not a feeling you got for that one person you fear to lose, love is about how you treat every human out there. This would determine the percentage of love inside your skin and the amount of humanity you carry with you wherever you go.

And so whoever fits on a set definition is a lover and I honestly don’t know the definition but taking in account the above statement I gave about love after deep observation and experience in a world full of ordinary main stream lovers, lovers of one person, one dream, one desire, one hobby try to be the lover of the human beings, of the universe, and the nature. You would never be disappointed, I promise.

I have always been a lost soul. If I had never thought out of the box (from what I have always been taught), trust me I wouldn’t have got this peace and comfort I am having right now at this stage of my life. Today I try to practice humanity, how? Well this is confidential to me and my soul but I do, I try to practice humanity more often not because I feel pity for other humans but because I feel pity for my soul which is inside me because I was created human and I believe that the soul gets sick of sin and heaps of inhuman deeds we keep on doing and eventually this results in restlessness so more we practice humanity, love and compassion the more we feel peaceful.

So, get up if you are done reading it and add a good deed into your bucket of humanity, don’t do much just start loving others not for their qualities but because they are humans also and they too have got so many hidden battle fields full of wounded desires, dead dreams, broken promises and trusts in comatose state and they are hiding that all inside them so, they deserve love from you.

And, remember you are not supposed to unveil what they are hiding inside them, just go and make them feel a little better than before because all humans share the same world and the same society so let’s add an ounce of humanity to make this world a better place to live.

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