Lively Color Shift // Saniya Jahan

Okay, so I by chance happen to be in an art academy going home from work to see paintings in order to pass my leisure time and  lift my mood up, as I had a terrible day at work (I am a workaholic person so my most of days at work are just too good). I saw a notice about some upcoming competition and everyone being busy trying to make the best painting they could in order to win the price. My eyes passing by, many people who were indulge in their work passionately. There my eyes saw you for the first time. A girl who is not so pretty but yet confident , hairs tied in a messy bun, face shining with oil but she is not bothered about it much, around 5 feet tall , wearing jeans and a black t-shirt which said “Burn them with your smile”. She was busy trying to paint like everyone else, measuring every stroke, reshaping and redefining them each minute, renouncing the ideas trying to be creative, distracted by phone, confused at the same time, disappointed with self as she was unable to come up with something satisfactory, the need to be an achiever and the fear of failure all look so vibrant in her eyes. She was the perfect and the most beautiful chaos my eyes has ever encountered. While I am trying to analyze her consciously, she suddenly in between painting busted in tears, throws her canvas, picks up her bag and runs towards the exit door of the academy ……

How often do you do this? How often do you feel that the only escape you had which bucked you up is no more and you have lost yourself? How often do you feel that the artist in you has died and it will never be the same again? How often do you feel like killing the artist in you just because of daily life pressure or circumstances? Mostly, after serious depression, anxiety or stress attacks it gets tough to regain yourself immediately, it takes time and efforts. Mind has its ways of playing games and exacerbating the problem. Sometimes we do more damage to ourselves than the actual situation has done to us. The artist in us NEVER DIES. I repeat IT WILL NEVER DIE. When we are too gloomed it is just impossible for us to see the same artist in ourselves, just like it is very difficult for us to feel good, very difficult for us to work with enthusiasm, that natural do not push yourself, give yourself some time . Time heals everything but just give it some time, do not rush.

         We only appreciate the light when we see darkness, therefore, sometimes these phases of darkness are important for us so we can be more grateful for all the qualities and talents we have been blessed with and we could also redefine and re-polish them. Everything demands an update, just like Snapchat update gives us better filters but not always all updated filters are up-to our standards or they are not our preference but someone else might prefer them. Sometimes we fail to realize that our not so good might be appreciated the most by others. Definitely, after a dark phase, do not expect things to be the very same from day one. These phases are there so you can pick yourself up, embrace yourself, retry and redefine things. It is for you to discover another shade of your talent. There are only six basic colors and it is for you to mix those and discover a new color and then add a tinge of this new color in your painting, in the artist inside you, so it can beautify your work.

As, it is said in 40 rules of love “TO LIVE MEANT CONSTANTLY SHIFT COLOURS“. So it is your time to shift a bit.

 When I say the word ‘artist”, it is not someone who is painting or sketching or some form of classical dance or anything like this. We all have an artist inside us, we all are blessed with different talents and we can polish them if we want to. Just breathe. We have to fail a little before we can succeed. Believe in yourself. I BELIEVE IN YOU and bring your artistic madness back.

Wishing you GOOD LUCK !

Lively Color Shift // Saniya Jahan

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