Do you procrastinate a lot and want to get rid of this behavior without the intervention of a therapist? Then this might be the right article for you to read. Here are 5 ways about how to stop procrastinating:

Top 6 ways to get rid of Procrastination. 

The Meraki magazine brings for you 6 effective ways to free yourself of procrastination and maintain a healthy routine. 

how to stop procrastinating

1- Become your own therapist:

         Positive self-talk is highly necessary to freshen up your confidence. Usually, we procrastinate when we are trapped in self-doubts and bring ourselves down by degrading our abilities and competency level regarding important matters in life.

So, what you have to do is work on your willpower and self-esteem. Repeat good things in your mind about yourself and make yourself feel determined and motivated.

You can also write short notes to yourself and stick them on your desk, dressing table or refrigerator and read them every now and then. … //how to stop procrastinating //

2- Set priorities straight:

set priority

Know your priorities, remind yourself of the importance of your pending task. Why is it significant?

Tell yourself that there is no other thing that matters as much as your pending task which needs to be done on time no matter what.

It is important and that’s all. Everything else can be done later after you finish your task. Once you set your priorities your mind will automatically tell you what to do first and how to do it with focus.

3- Fear the consequence: 

Like Mate, Stop PROCRASTINATING and we will tell you how

         Fear the possible consequences that could happen if you wouldn’t complete your task on time. You might think you can get done with your work at the last minute but what if it doesn’t get done? What if you fail to meet your deadline? Or even if you successfully complete it hastily, it gets rejected.

What if your boss puts you on probation for not making that work report correctly or your teacher cancels your assignment and messes up your grade?

See, think of all possibilities and take some responsibility for yourself. 

4- Become responsible: 

how to stop procrastinating

It might sound really annoying to hear this but yes, you have to become responsible. Take some responsibility of your life, for your life.

See, no one is really going to come and rescue you like a hero in the end. You need to take charge of your own life and become more active in taking life decisions and completing given tasks.

In the end, it’s only you who will be held accountable for the kind of life you would be living. So choose priorities wisely. You won’t be able to blame others for your downfall. 

5- Just get to work straight away: 

get to work

  Each time you get any task assigned just work on it straight away without delaying it even for a single day.

If that work requires a lot of days to complete it then work for many days on it without taking any day-break because that would only slow you down and make you procrastinate. 

6- Promise yourself a reward 

         Promise yourself a bounty or some reward. For example, if you finish your assignment on time then you can watch your favorite season over the weekend or play video games for many hours. Spoil yourself and go out with friends at movies and parties. 

stop procrastinating

7- A bonus point: 

        Take care of your physical health, eat healthy foods, consume fresh juices, walk or jog. Do any exercise you find easy and if you don’t like exercising, you may dance on your favorite songs daily to keep your body active.

Visit parks in the mornings or evenings and spend at least an hour there to restore mental peace. Enjoy natural aesthetics and appreciate little things in life.

Be grateful and pray to your God according to your beliefs. Have some faith in yourself and work hard. 

//how to stop procrastinating

The Merakian – Amna Azmat

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