The thing about love is that when you fall for someone, one part of your heart gets lost on the vast endless horizon of time and does not belong to you any longer-it keeps on roaring, etching, scaring, bleeding, shrieking with agony unless you allow someone else to touch your heart and mend it, unless you allow someone to let in, unless you allow someone to fall for you, just let someone in: someone worthy of mending broken and shattered pieces of your heart. The heart does not forget to beat, it does not forget to love, it does not forget to live, it does not forget to laugh, it does not forget to ache, it does not forget to scar, it does not forget to fall again.

The thing about love is that it breaks a heart into a million pieces, but to make it whole again and to let it beat with warmth of love, you need to hear the knock on the closed doors of your shattered heart. Let someone in, let them heal you, let them make you whole again, let them put back broken pieces of your soul, let them free the monster of hatred growing wild inside of you, let them tell you that you are lovable, let them tell you that all your heart needs is affection and love because only it can stop your heart from bleeding onto people who did not cut it because the thing about love is that it makes you bleed on people who care about you-It is due to the fact that the broken heart never forgets to beat , but with each beat love gets canvassed, love that is broken and long gone.

Making it difficult for the soul to breath and the heart to beat, it is the magical-and-bellicose attire of over-rated love. The heart never forgets to beat, sometimes it beats with a weight heavy enough to brutalize each beat and each breath; Lift it off before it is too late, lifts it off before heart forgets to beat.

The magical touch of heartbeat vanishes when heart beats with an undying hatred. Let someone in, let someone makes you believe that love does exist in the heart of alive, sassy and lovable people. Let someone in and heal your broken heart. Heart needs to be mended so that it can breathe freely without any sigh-of-hesitation. Heart knows the language of love. Let someone take away all your sufferings and leave behind a soul with blissfulness in eyes and love in the heart because it is all about loving your own self before loving others.

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10 months ago

Good job👍!