Mr.  Feminist back with his misogynist remarks.

What actually is the slogan “Mera Jism, Meri Marzi” at Aurat March?

Lacking basic ethics and etiquette has some sort of become a basic norm which casually gets ignored because that’s how we as humans have evolved into, indolent species. // Aurat March

When in March 2019, women waived their placards with the slogan “Mera jism, Meri Marzi”, people were triggered. 

What triggered them men was their fragile masculinity whereas women, had their insecurities.

But it left a long-lasting impression on the world and lately, last night a man, known as a famous writer caused enough stir bashing a woman with fierce curses named “Khalil-ur-Rehman”.

No one has a right to body shame or abuses a woman and that too on a media platform airing live on T.V. 

When it comes to feminism in Pakistan, Khalil Ur Rehman is not a new name. 

He is always there when it comes to humiliating women and being confident about his misogynist ideas about women’s rights. 

Last night he lost his cool over a Pakistani journalist, Marvi Sirmed who was chanting “Mera jism, Meri marzi”. 

Khalil Ur Rehman abused and body-shamed a woman on live T.V which proved his hate for any woman who wants to secure her rights to live.

Marvi was on a talk show to discuss the decision of Lahore High Court to throw away the petition of blocking Aurat March 2020. 

Apparently, Mr. Feminist AKA Khalil ur Rehman was also present there ( I don’t know why our news channels invite him in the first place when they know he’ll end up making sexist and misogyny remarks). 

While addressing his illogical ideas on slogans like “Mera jism, Meri marzi” showing how they trigger his fragile masculinity. 

Khalil ur Rehman said his heart breaks when he sees women raising their voice with these slogans. 

When Marvi started taunting him by chanting the slogan herself it triggered him and as a result, he opened the curtain of limits and started abusing her on live T.V, showing the world how illiterate this man is.

He uttered so shameful and disgraceful things such as “Uloo ki pathi” and “Bitch”. Other than this he also body-shamed her by saying “Tere jism Mei hai kiya?”

The most shocking thing was that the talk show kept trying to shut Marvi up when Khalil was abusing her. 

Rather than the host should have put a piece of mind in Khalil, she tried to stop Marvi. 

Will PEMRA take notice of Khalil ur Rehman’s comments?

PEMRA should take notice of this situation as Khalil has crossed all the boundaries of disrespecting a woman. 

Pakistan’s government should take action against violence on women and men who confidently conducts it, especially on public platforms.

These men are the reason why women march for their rights and are still afraid to come out of their homes for their education, for their jobs, etc. 

We are living in 2020 but still, women are oppressed. They have to fight for their rights as a human.

Naturally, Khalil Ur Rehman stirred a lot of attention and this time people were really angry.

People came out on twitter sharing their ideas on feminism and abuse on women but most importantly they were angry over Khalil’s misogynist remarks regarding women and their rights.

Celebrities also came out with their opinions on the situation.

You know one is wrong when your own gender stands against you. 

Khalil ur Rehman and the world’s dangerous views

Khalil Ur Rehman has always proved how dangerous his ideas on women are. Even his writings portray women as bad and villains of the world. 

The most saddening part is that no one gives him a shut-up call over such disgraceful ideas. 

PEMRA is always there when something is going on against our government and laws but why are they not taking action towards a man who is against women who march for freedom, for their rights and right to live as a human. 

We all should realize how such men can affect the system of the world. 

Everyone has a right to live with freedom and if someone tries to oppress them, we should all speak up. It’s time to live freely without any chains. 

//Aurat March vs Khalil ur Rehman

It’s time to live with love and peace.

You can watch the full interview here. 

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