A Dead Body was recovered by police officials in Lahore

Who is Naeem? 

In Lahore, a 22-year-old Muhammad Naeem has been found dead inside the washroom of the Unique Group of institutions (UGI-107A) academy. A Dead body in Lahore. Naeem was an intermediate student and a resident of the Nawankot area.

As per reports, On Tuesday police recovered Naeem’s dead body from the toilet of Unique Academy located at the corner of Wahdat road. 

The Academy’s Officials showed no cooperation with the deceased’s parents

Naeem’s family got concerned when he did not return home from the academy on Monday Night. His father, being an ordinary shopkeeper, got himself in a stew when the clock struck 8:30. Thereon, they inquired the staff about him and visited the academy but weren’t allowed to enter the academy premises.

At first, the staff didn’t show any cooperation with the family though Naeem was their student. Later on, when police got involved they took the matter seriously.

According to class fellows of the deceased, Naeem’s motorbike and bag were in the institute when the staff refused to give any kind of help to his family. 

With the help of police officials, the sufferer’s family entered the institute on Tuesday. Upon thorough search, they recovered his dead body from the academy’s toilet. 

The victim was found to have a nosebleed.

The CCTV-footage provided proof of Naeem entering the washroom at 7:46 am. Two other boys were also seen in the footage, entering the toilet at 8:30.    

All three of the boys were heading towards the canteen when on their way they went to the toilet on the above-mentioned timings. 

Though the whole CCTV-footage has not been shown to the family, it raises many questions. The other two boys were considered troublesome pupils.

For further investigation, his dead body was taken to the mortuary.

Was Naeem’s death a murder or a suicide?

The family claimed that Naeem got murdered and alleged security personnel for being involved in the murder. He stated that he found bruises on his son’s body. Though police officials believed cardiac arrest to be the cause of the victim’s death. 

Superintendent of Police, Capt Mohammad Ajmal also rejected the family’s claim of Naeem being murdered. According to The Current; The media manager of UGI, Zunair Chaudhry told them the respective washroom was locked from inside. 

“The family kept on going to the wrong campus where the guard also told them that it wasn’t the one their son attended”.

Some class fellows firmly believe that Naeem got murdered after being assaulted, as they have seen blood on the toilet’s floor.

Authorities of Unique Academy also stated that drug overdosing could also be the reason for Naeem’s death, but later on changed their statement. 

As Naeem had been into an army-training institute for 40 days, calling him a drug-addict has flared-up the situation. Administration of Unique Academy along with the police officials also suspected brain hemorrhage to be the cause of Naeem’s death. 

According to them, the initial autopsy report has also confirmed it.  However, students are inquiring about why Naeem didn’t call out for any help if he was going through such a problem.

Authorities are giving sundry statements for the cause of Naeem’s death.No Final statement can be made until the final post-mortem report is presented. 

Only an appropriate and proper investigation can solve this dilemma.

This incident has ignited a fire in the fellow students who protested on Wednesday, demanding justice for Naeem. It has also raised many questions against the academy’s security.

Some questions that arise about Naeem’s death

Are we safe in our institutes?

To quench the thirst for knowledge and to seek quality education children are enrolled in professional institutes

These educational centers not only claim to provide quality education but also asseverate to give safety and privacy to their students. Though some of them have failed in fulfilling their later responsibility, many times.

Institutes are more into maintaining their good reputation than providing security to their students. If anything goes wrong with their students they are least interested in lending a hand or being cooperative with their family. 

Who will answer these questions?

  • Why was no CCTV-footage shared by the media?
  • If the deceased’s bike and bag were inside the campus, why didn’t guards inform anyone about them?
  • Why didn’t the faculty check the locked washrooms? Isn’t it the faculty’s responsibility to recheck all the washrooms and classrooms before leaving the campus?
  • Why guards and faculty members didn’t accompany their student’s parents when they asked them about him.
  • Why is no government official taking the notice of this incident?

Public Took the matter on twitter

People took it to twitter as well; asking for justice. They think the Unique academy is hiding evidence in order to save its reputation. 

For accusing Naeem of being a drug-abuser, some have raised a question:

How come an armed-trained person could overdose with drugs? Armed men are taught with discipline. How can someone accuse them of such an act?

 People are also calling out for the Army to take notice of this matter.

News channels are being paid not to cover the news?

Some think that News Channels are being paid to conceal the facts. 

According to them either the News Channels are not highlighting the issues or those highlighting it, are giving the wrong information to the general public. The media was not even allowed to cover the protest that happened against this incident.

Media is with the institute’s officials, said by some. 

One of the teachers of the deceased has been praised, When he stated:

“Mein ne aaj us bachay ka paper is tarha check kia jaise wo mere sath ho, mere pass ho. Meine uskay paper pe comment bhi kary”.

Similar incidents have happened in the past; who’s responsible?

This isn’t something new that we have come across. We have gone through some similar situations back then as well.

In the year 2019, A final year student of Asifa Dental College, Larkana, was found dead in her hostel room. Similarly, a third-year MBBS student of LUMHS was also reported to be found dead in the hostel room with a gunshot on his temporal region.

In addition to this, Police also rescued a student’s dead body, who belonged to the University of Engineering and Technology of Lahore. The deceased dead body was recovered from his hostel room.

Many cases like the above-mentioned cases had been reported in the past and were said to be investigated thoroughly by the officials but never been solved properly by them. 

Dead bodies are sent for autopsy in mortuaries but not all the time an authentic Medico-Legal Report is formulated.Higher authorities have failed so many times in giving proper justice that many people have lost their hope and trust in them.

Though we still hope to see them taking action against the responsible as masses are seeking justice which can only be served when the proper investigation would be done by authorities and officials. 

Has any action been taken against the academy’s officials?

A per recent updates, a suspension order has been passed and Principal of Unique Academy (107-A) has been terminated.

People are questioning will he be suspended permanently if he would be found guilty of this negligence. Campus got sealed by the Chairman and students are asked not to pay the fees for the month of March. On the other hand, Students supporting the protest against this negligence, are being expelled by the Campus Authorities.

When will justice be served?

Mysterious death-scenes when getting the hype through media or social media involve higher authorities. Officials are convinced to take notice and solve the matter wholeheartedly, once they have media pressure. 

Medico-legal teams solve the cases more genuinely when masses are on the roads, demanding for justice.

Otherwise, if the victim’s family is not strong enough to raise the voice against any such well-known institutes, the deceased’s case mostly remains a mystery for them.

If they weren’t able to gather media or social media’s support and attention, their cases are being hushed up by the authorities. Even if the notice is been taken; still they remain unsolved or mysteriously solved. 

We need to see higher authorities devotedly fulfilling their duties and righteously serving their people.

Individuals want to see a fair legal system and want to live in a state where justice is actually served.

Let’s wait for the final medico-legal report until we make a final statement upon this matter.

The report covered by Staff Writer Syeda Sahaab Zehra

//Dead body in Lahore

//Dead body in Lahore

//Dead body in Lahore

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