CoronaVirus a community effort. // low cost ventilator system

 The current crisis:

Due to the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, people have been hither and thither since the outbreak began. With no clear coordination between nations and lack of management since the beginning it has come to the people themselves to step up and help with the effort itself.

 The problem:

With a rapid and rather exponential growth in the number of patients that have been infected, there has been a shortage in the number of medical apparatuses to cater to each.

Everyone of them namely isolation wards and most importantly ventilators to help in the respiratory problems that are a result of this highly infectious and dangerous virus.

 The Inventor:

low cost  ventilator system

I developed a low-cost ventilator with Saad Pasha. After Covid-19, people have been asking about the status of the system. It is a fully-developed solution. Please find the results in the file here.

Lets work together to take 

To cope with the rising demand and dwindling supplies of these vital instruments, a prominent and highly skilled entrepreneur, inventor and engineer has taken the challenge up to help with this.

Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman, a former assistant professor at Information Technology University (ITU) in Lahore Pakistan and then the co founder of Integrated Medical Sensors Inc.  

 The solution:

low cost  ventilator system

The document itself contains 19 pages in which every detail is mentioned

Due to a joint effort by him and a fellow inventor named Saad Pasha, they have come up with a cost effective alternative to the making of expensive ventilators which are in such high demand now.

He has made this design public not wanting to profit over this rather to help the world and make sure every patient of this disease is treated well and recovers effectively.

The collaboration effort:

He has called upon the help of the professional community of the hub known as Linkedin to help in this endeavour from logistical constraints to promotions to researchers helping in further reducing its costs and increasing its effectiveness.

The best Part about this is that it is fully developed and just requires mass production which is relatively cheap when compared with the production of a normal ventilator.

About the Inventor 

low cost  ventilator system

He is an electrical engineer interested in developing innovative medical devices and systems. His interest lies in using multidisciplinary research and development to develop into cutting edge solutions for people through my entrepreneurial journey and project management experience.

// Low cost ventilator system

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