Is The World Developing? // Hamza Ahmed

Is The World Developing? // Hamza Ahmed

The world around me feels surreal,

The chaos in it getting bigger,

Technology is growing,

Humanity is diminishing,

I wonder why I’m here.

Their lives are purposeless,

But I can’t live mine that way,

A few have nothing to eat,

A few don’t know where to squander,

Some sleep in posh bedrooms,

Some have only open sky over them,

Yet they claim the world is progressing.

Whom to blame, and whom to convict,

The earth is for humans,

But there is no humanity left on it,

A few feel, and scarce react,

When the poor one suffers,

Who cares? Until their lives are fine.

The world is selfish, yet progressing,

Impossible has become possible,

Only thing diminishing, is humanity,

Rest is absolutely fine!

Is The World Developing? // Hamza Ahmed

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