The recent act of terror, inhumanity, and cruelty on a main “National Highway” has caused “a factor of anger” among the people of Pakistani nation. People want justice for the assaulted “daughter of Hawa” by demanding the hanging of the rapists publicly.

Some years ago, when a little innocent girl Zainab was assaulted, raped, and Murdered, Nation stood United and firmly with the family of the innocent kid. The case gained fame through social and electronic media in no time.

Due to immense pressure from the public, the government was able to confront the culprit and he was hanged till death for his inhumane act. The only thing in minds of people at that time was the hope that after this one “Exemplary punishment”, we won’t see such an act of cruelty again. But the question is, “was that example enough to stop such cruelty in the future?”

The obvious answer is no! In fact, we witnessed an abrupt increase in such cases.

The question that arises from these events is that If one of the culprits was made an example then why these cases are still increasing every day?

One of the answers is In the question. “Only one of the CULPRITS was made an example.” Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in such incidents but we have never seen another culprit being made an example.

The other unfortunate answer is that the other innocent victims never gained media publicity. No one stood for them, no media person spoke for them, as a result, even the investigations were not launched in almost all reported cases.

Today we are again standing at the same place. People want the culprits to be hanged till death to “make an example out of them”. But will that be enough this time? I hope these rapists, these cruel animals get their punishment. But in the future, Allah Forbids, we will be seeing such cases again, if not with an increased rate than at least at the same rate.

What is the solution?

I’m neither an expert nor an experienced person but in my opinion, making an example out of the rapists is not enough. This is peak time or I would say the right time to take a big and tough decision and try to change this failed system.

Make an example by giving the system a punishment. The system that starts from a house, where daughters, sisters, and especially wives are not given their rights. The system that never teaches their “Sons”, how to respect a woman. The system that teaches that “a male has one rank greater than a female” but never teaches the actual concept behind it. The system doesn’t even know the meaning of the word harassment.

The system that teaches a female to adopt the veil but never teaches the male that “Ghad e Basr” or the “veil of eyes” is one of the most sensitive matters in Islam and was adopted by Islam well before the veil of women.

The system where the assaulted one is the taboo and the one who is culprit lives happily and freely. The system where the one who has the backing of the media and the public gets his/her right but the one who is alone always remains on the losing side. The system where every law is present but no one wants to apply them. 

The system is a failure. The system is the original culprit. Hang this system publicly and not just the Rapist.

Establish A system that works on its own and never needs the pushing of the general public and media. Hanging of rapists will create a deterrence only when the system will activate by its own self and without anyone’s pushing. When a woman, harassed, raped, and assaulted, will start getting justice by the system on its own, then an example will be made, only then the Change through exemplary punishments will be possible.   

Note: This is a self-published Article. The Meraki does not hold any responsibility of what any comment, statement, belief, or opinion stated by the author In this article.

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