A piece of crazy news has been circulating around for a while, and it is insane how it resembles a book written 124 years ago from today! Does it hold the title Is Donald Trump a time traveler?

Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?

A book titled as, “the underground adventures of Baron Trump, or, The last president(its sequel)”, written by Ingersoll Lockwood was discovered in the Congress Office library. These books were published in the 1890s.

The book is about a boy named Baron Trump and his adventures. The real non compos mentis begins when one realizes how strikingly relatable the book is to the US’s current First family.

Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?


Well, in the book, Baron Trump is the main character, around whom the story revolves. [Remember, US President Donald Trump’s son has the same name?]

His adventures take place in Russia. A man, named Don helps him with his adventures. Moreover, he found some sort of secret pathway and travels through time via a time machine.

[It is said that President Trump’s father had to do something with the time machine, let’s find out].

The crazy part is not that President Trump’s son and Lockwood’s character share the same name, the crazier part is this…

Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?


Yes, this question did pop up in my mind as well when I scrolled through this conspiracy, but oh well!

President Trump was born in New York City, US, but his wife, the first lady of the state, Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia! So somewhere the roots of 11year old Baron Trump does connect to Russia!


So, when Lockwoods wrote the sequel of this book, The last president, things are insanely relatable to president Trump.

First off, the story is about a Richy rich man, residing on Fifth Avenue, New York. Holy! This is the exact address of Trump Tower, President’s residency!

And wait! this Richy rich man in the novel was NOT EXPECTED to win the elections, BUT surprisingly HE WON. This is appalling! Isn’t this what happened in the US too?

Additionally, after President Trump set in motion, riots started all over the place…. and yes, SAME HAPPENS IN LOCKWOOD’S NOVEL! So Is Donald Trump a time traveller?


Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?

Vice President of the state is Mike Pence. And to our surprise, Lockwoods character Pence is one of the leading people who start a riot against the unexpected president!

How did the writer know this is what will take place 124 years ago?

Or, did Trump travel in time? That’s quite a contradiction.


Is Donald Trump a Time Traveler?

Although, all the reasons above are also the answer to this question, but this is absolutely the major one?

In past, attempts were made to travel time. a scientist, Nikola Tesla, dies in 1943. He was one of the inventors who attempted to invent the time machine.

He claimed that he successfully built one. After his death, the government took over his possessions to find out if his claims were true. To their dismay, they did not succeed. Hence, they hire an engineer.

And, guess who was the engineer? JHON G. TRUMP. Yes! the grandfather of President Trump!

So what did John do? he said he was unable to understand Nikola’s work. Well, we can not say so because there is a probability of him lying. Maybe he did found out what everyone was looking for but did not claim so as to keep the treasure for himself!


Birthdays are a time we celebrate, but poor president Trump was born on the night of lunar eclipse..His date of birth is June 14, 1948. And evidence shows that an eclipse was observed on this date, that is sort of suspicious and does not associate well with a good vibe, sorry Mr. trump!

This is stupendous! we are stunned by the fact that a novel could state facts that had to occur 124 years ahead? Mindblowing is it not? So what do you think Is Donald Trump a time traveler?

Well, apparently we must not be shocked, since anything is possible with Mr. Trump,

And oh well, did we forget it is 2020?!

Ayesha Anwar

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1 month ago

Loved reading this conspiracy theory!!! 😂