Intoxicating Laughter // Minahil Naghman

She laughs. She nearly always laughs. Her head is thrown forward and a loud laugh erupts from her inside like a musical instrument is taking flight. Her eyes crinkle like crazy and often close as if she cannot help it. It is toxic, her laugh, as I stare at her in between laughing a little myself. But all I can think about is how her giddiness makes me feel like I am in my studio.

As I breathe a little faster and my heart starts pounding as the paint moves on the canvas and the brush becomes not wood but an extension of my arm as it bends and moves at my will. As the pigment rises and awakes.

Her hair fly forward and in front of her face. Its like a waterfall with those dark brown curls and she does not bother to flick it back because she is still choking on air, unable to hold the hysterical laughter.

I would paint her hair with strokes of raw umber and little delights of burnt sienna shining through. Burst of yellow ochre highlights her hair as the wind catches it and my breath. My heart is pounding harder and harder by the second until I do not hear anything else but the flow of the oil and the thundering roaring beat.

She tries to regain her composure and uses her long fingers to get her hair out of her face as it sticks to her as if even it cannot stop touching her and caressing her face. She looks over at me, glad to see me laughing though not surprised I am not losing my shit over it like her. She has that look in her face that just……

I cannot see, I cannot think but all I can do is see her and think about her. It is all her that is making my arms move like they have a mind of their own that is too being controlled by her every breath. She is wearing that white lace dress that is flowing around her in strokes of titanium and buff white as the Naples yellow, light auburn and rose rays of the dusking sun lightly embrace her.

She nudges my shoulder making me smile wider and giving me a strange warm feeling. Then she looks back at the others, all of us cracking jokes and laughing but I cannot take my eyes off her for some reason today. Even as she blushes from laughing too hard and gasps for air after a fit of having hysterics. What is happening?

The wind is making her soar and the world fades further down to only her. I stagger back. Its been hours since I started, and I am nearly drenched in sweat, but I barely notice that. The sun is starting to rise with only a few rays out now. It is a new day and as the sun begins to bask the world in its light, realization dawns on me like a dam.

Shit, I’m in love with her.

Intoxicating Laughter // Minahil Naghman

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