Imagination // Majida Anwer

It’s about travelling I do, a lot

Imagination I do, sometimes 

Always with me, in my head. 

Sam returns to his town after studying in a city for a very long time. Sitting in the bus, on the window seat, listening music blasting through his headphones. Many people are there some kids, senior citizens, other students etc.

It seems that everything is going normally but not for Sam, imagining the building are getting attacked by aliens, bridges are collapsing, Superheroes running with his bus side by side, makes him feel that the journey is not so boring!

Even though he is listening to music but every time he sees someone saying something, he removes his headphones & listens what are they saying because according to him listening to other people’s conversation doesn’t make you feel lonelier.

By observing other people travelling, you can get to know where are they going, their city, hometown, school, village etc.

Knowing these little things isn’t a big deal but makes you feel more than just a passenger, like a spy knowing everything by just observing little things. 

Sam always thought that he can be a really great spy but every time he looks other people doing something interesting he always thought that he could do it better just in his imagination. 

It also depends on the mood or type of song you are listening to, 

For example, if Sam is listening to a romantic song he always thinks about his girlfriend, dancing with his girlfriend which only exist in his imagination!

If he is listening to a fast track he can see superheroes fighting on the top of the buildings etc.

Imagination is a part of life, imagining of success before hard work makes you do the hard work. 

Sitting in the bus he can travel all across the world without spending any money by just his imagination. 

Looking forward to his life he is planning on becoming a writer.

Why he wants to be a writer?

Because when he thinks about his interests, thinking about his interests makes him think that he thinks really great.

Different stories with different topics are still in his mind but he’s finding a way to show them to the world. 

His imagination doesn’t solves his problems but it gives him courage & motivation to solve some problems. 

And when the journey ends he always thinks to write down his experience!

Yeah it’s his experience!

Imagination // Majida Anwer

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