“Never put off till tomorrow, the book you can read today”

Holbrook Jackson)

         There is no ambiguity in saying that reading is the elixir of life for any a bookish person but most often the routine of life puts a reader into the reading slump and the vehemence of this reading tumble plunges the reader deep into the abibliophobia crisis.

The inception of annum 2020  has brought a very challenging time for everyone, far and wide, around the globe. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the customary routine into the melancholic and depressive affright. It is making everyone nugatory and unsubstantial with lots of productive gaps, fissures, and breaks in the lifestyle.

Amidst such a crisis, it is obvious that reading becomes less. So, in order to recoup and make good out of this drastic decrease in reading, I proffer my bibliophilic services by recommending an effervescent list of interesting books to all the readers who are facing a serious downswing in their reading routine. IF YOU ARE READING LESS IN 2020.

“There are worse crimes than burning books; one of them is not reading them” 

Ray Bradbury)

Reading is a gateway to wisdom and knowledge; it is a moment of peace in the hours of chaos; it transcends the burdened soul into the eternal realm. And I have always felt joyful by entertaining myself with books having interesting plotlines. So, let’s get started to overcome this reading gap.

1- “Midnight All Day” by “Hanif Kureishi

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

He purges the feelings of reader by the very element of catharsis. It is composed of seven realistic short stories. Where all the characters are loveless, lost, dispossessed and are screwed up in their lives.

They all are seeking an escape from their chaotic relations. The most starking glare of every storyline is the unhappy marriage and the meshed trio of married and unmarried ones.

“We are unerring in our choice of lovers particularly when we require the wrong person. The wrong person is, of course, right for something- to punish, bully or humiliate us, let us down, leave us for dead or worst of all, give us the impression that they are not inappropriate but almost right, thus hanging us in love’s limbo. Not just anyone can do this”.

2- Shanghai girls by Lisa See

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It is a historical fiction. It whirls around the story of two girls Pearl and May – who are twenty-one and eighteen respectively, young and beautiful and live in Paris of Asia i.e. Shanghai. In the time of 1937, Shanghai city is a sort of international settlement . It is where there are many Shanghai landers -foreigners – Americans, Japanese, British, white Russians.

It is really an interesting read that explains how war affects the normal and happy lives, political realities, identity crisis, exilement, minority issues, American dream, love with homeland, McCarthyism, Angel Island immigration.

3- The gift of possession by M.Athar Tahir

It is a literary work that  has given a new thought to poetic diction. From nature to epithalamiums, Andalusian, Qasida, Mughal Triptych, The Quake Quartet and Requiem Sonnets-the writing skill is effective and creative till the end.
Its strength derives peculiarly from its preoccupation with the Pakistani idiom.

“ Dear Blessed girl, remember we do not, here, Marry individuals but families.” “What is Stanza? A peak of love or valley in a range An extravaganza Of the familiar and the strange.”

4- Like the flowing river by Paulo Coelho

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It brings magic with his words and takes reader into another world beyond from this materialistic living. This book is comprised of a hundred and two prose works. Which reflect the theme of love, death, life, spirituality, affection, absurdity, existential crisis, peace, chaos and living out of storms. An excerpt that has my heart is as:

“Be like a flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember clouds, like the river are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.”


5 – Will You Stay?

It is a tremendously articulated book that highlights about the issue of stigma, labelling and bullying culture which makes any person a victim of mental illness – depression, isolation, hollowness and darkness. It is all about losing oneself to the point of no return because society don’t understand the mess that is inside a depressed person. They cannot fathom the idea of a human being in so much pain, pretending everything is fine.

“When you start trying-trying to be happy, trying to live-you actually die inside. Happiness isn’t about trying; it is about feeling the desire to be alive and live like nothing else matters.”

6- A familiar Haze by Amna Ameer

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It is a poetic compilation about various themes of an individual’s life; From love to hate, gain to loss, happiness to sadness, liveliness to loneliness, life to death, autumn to spring, hues to whiteness, sunsets to the horizons.

Being a doctor and author as well, Amna has given very sleek words to the emotions that would otherwise die out without a voice. This book truly is a guide for personal growth through tragedies in life.

“The keys of my type writer have been quite for too long
Would you sing to it?  The ballad of love.”

7- All Of My Heart by Sara Naveed

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It is a novel that depicts the struggles and chance of fate in achieving the love at first sight, besides it brings in light the issue of sexual orientation and sexual identity that results in conflict of one’s identity leading towards homosexuality.
It is a love story of Zynah and Rehan.

Zynah, an elite girl, fun loving, adventurous and beautiful while Rehan is a low middle class hardworking, down to earth and committed person. Zynah is his childhood love.

“Whoever you love, love them with all of your heart.”

8- Reflections of a man” by “Mr.Amari soul

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It is truly an inspirational poetic read. It reflects the true experience and reality of relationships. Amari’s understanding of a woman’s emotional needs is remarkable. // IF YOU ARE READING LESS IN 2020

There are a lot of things in this world that you as a woman could be afraid of but your man should not be one of them.”

9- 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World by Elif Shafak

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

It is perfectly fascinating novel. I have always been an admirer of Shafak’s writing style. The story is about a girl named as “Leyla Afife Kamile” -The chasten one born in Van, Turkey and how she becomes “Tequila Leila” -The damned one.

The plot proceeds with all the lifetime memories of the dead Leila in 10 Minutes and 38 seconds, that is the average time in which the brain of the corpse remains active. Elif Shafak has skillfully highlighted the friendship values, extremist ideologies, the world of the damned and cursed ones, that how they are marginalized from the stream of conventional normal humans.

10- Pehli Barish/First Rain by Nasir Kazmi

It is a poetry book that is enriched with the splendid and charming blends of poet’s intuitive thoughts, ideas and imaginative expressions.

If You Are Reading Less In 2020, Then Read These....

Kazmi writes poetry in riddling manner. The rhythmic ode-based poetry reveals the essence of romanticism by highlighting the nature and its objects with agog details, subjectivity, intuition and sublimity of dark romanticism as well.

Moreover, it elaborates the human nature, worldly and heavenly life, the mystic relation of God and human, loneliness, the pain of love, and beloved’s insurmountable beauty, betrayal, and separation.


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