People still believe mental illnesses are a myth. They do not consider mental health or mental illness an issue or a problem.

They do not even give it as much weightage as they give to physical illnesses.

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

However, mental health issues and problems have become common and widespread. It might be hard to digest but it is true.

There are certain signs of mental health issues that help in identification and indication of it.

Mental illnesses come to the surface and erupt like a volcano. It becomes difficult to get accustomed to this notion that a person has a mental health issue.

People usually are not ready to face any kind of problem or issue; on top of that if it’s a mental health problem, then it’s a taboo. However, as much as people like to say that it comes silently; that’s not the case.

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

Just like hot molten lava, mental health issues also boil under the layer and then explode one day. We missed them because we lack knowledge; we do not know how to recognize the signs of mental illnesses.

These mental health issues do not have to be necessarily disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar; they are more complex and serious.

However, some other issues pertaining to mental health are recognizable and identifiable. We just have to be observant and vigilant while recognizing those signs.

Therefore, we have come up with some signs that can indicate the beginning of mental health problems. However, do understand that there is a difference between a bad mood and a serious mental illness.

Not everyone going through a rough patch has to have a mental health issue. But, at the end of the day, peace of mind is more important than anything.

Signs of Mental Health Issues

Remember, these signs do not mean to diagnose a mental illness. They are to help you reassure and seek more information if any of it concerns you.    

Change in Behaviours and Habits

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

Mental health issue starts with subtle changes in an individual’s behaviour and habits. Things that were pleasurable once, do not entice anymore.

A person’s daily activities start to change and he/she cannot perform the routine properly. 

This will start with a few instances here and there. But ongoing subtle changes can turn into a serious issue where a person loses interest in daily activities.

Also, healthy habits can turn into unhealthy and destructive habits. 

Therefore, if you notice this change, talk it out. It may be a bad phase. However, keep an eye on the person to be sure that it does not turn into something problematic.

Changes in Sleep Pattern

This is another issue that accompanies mental illness. An average human takes 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. However, changes in sleep patterns can be a subtle sign of mental health issues. Persistent disturbance in sleep routine indicates a problem. For example, a person might sleep too much or too less than the normal pattern.

Sleep patterns are a significant sign that helps in the identification of mental illnesses. Therefore, it is always important to watch out for them. So, one can easily recognize and take some measures to treat it.

Anxiety or Worry

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

All of us have seen some good days and bad days. One day, we are calm and relaxed

While the next day becomes a chaotic one. So, this is alright, it is normal to feel anxiety over an ambiguous situation.

If a situation holds some threatening or fearing end, a person is bound to feel anxiety.

However, there is a difference between normal anxiety and the anxiety that becomes troublesome. If the anxiety does not go away and becomes intruding.

A person is constantly up on his toes and cannot keep calm; then its time to seek help. 

Feelings of Depression

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

Again, we can get sad due to any rough situation.

But if it continues and the person is unable to feel happy; then it could be a problem.

If a person is constantly sad for no reason, do not participate in activities, and get irritable. Then one must do a proper assessment. 

Mood Swings

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

All of us go through different moods, but a sudden and dramatic change calls for attention.

An extreme emotional outburst is concerning. It can be an indication of a mental health problem.

Emotional Withdrawal

Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

Sometimes it is good to have our personal space.

However, if a person goes into isolation and this is a significant change in his/her routine. Then, you need to inquire more.

There is a difference between personal space and withdrawal from life activities.

An emotionally withdrawn person is unable to participate socially. Refusal to join social activities is a part of this.

So, if this seems to be a new and sudden change in behaviour, then look into it.

Changes in Appetite

This another indication for a mental health issue. Fluctuating eating habits and appetite can be a warning sign. Eating more than the requirement or eating less than the normal is both worrisome signs. Try to look into this appetite change and adapt a more healthy pattern.

Changes in Thoughts and Feelings

Thoughts that are unhelpful and negative will lead you to negative feelings. Thoughts that become dissenting and cause disruption in your life, needs to be changed. If a person close to you, start to blame himself/herself constantly or voice out negative thoughts. He or she might need help with that.

A sudden shift of thoughts and feelings toward negativity can indicate a mental health issue.

Take Away

These are the few signs that can help in the identification of a mental health issue. However, always remember, these problems do not occur overnight. There’s a whole lot of underlying process that goes behind them.

So, try to be more receptive and vigilant. If you see these signs and sudden changes in a person or yourself, then learn more about them. This way, you can handle problems before they become serious.

//Identify the Signs of Mental Health Issues

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26 days ago

High relatable and its worth reading .

26 days ago
Reply to  UsmanGhani

We are really sorry to know that you relate to it. We hope you are fine. Remember to talk to your friends and if required please consult a psychologist. Share it with your friends and make them aware. We are here for you as well.