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Every person on this planet holds a different belief as to why they were born. However, does their belief, colour of skin or the place they were born in, make them any different from a certain person? If your answer is no, then why does the differentiation take place? And why do we need Human Rights, a man-made concept, as a guide for us to know how to treat other people?

This notion was set in place due to barbarous and inhumane acts that took place during World War II. They seemed to outrage the conscience of humanity. The reason this came out as a stronger force post-world war II was due to the ‘crimes against humanity’ that took place. Since the extermination of six million Jews, Sinti and Romani (Gypsies), homosexuals, and persons with disabilities by Nazi Germany horrified the world.

Human Rights; A Man-Made Concept?
What is human rights?

What are Human Rights?

Humans tortured other humans to such an extent that something had to be set in stone. Therefore, human rights are a set of laws created by people to protect other people from some people. These rights provide protection and focus on freedom, status, or benefit for the right holders. They were mainly acting as a protective shield against severe abuses in different fields of life, ranging from political, legal, and social. 

The United Nations laid down the first declaration of human rights. It was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, agreed upon by the General Assembly on 10th December 1948. One can say that the idea of universality emerges because of independent existence. 

How are they a Man-Made Concept?

The question arises, would we need human rights if brutal acts mentioned above didn’t take place? Including the acts of slavery and colonization. The answer is still yes.

Human Rights; A Man-Made Concept?

Inherently, if such a conception of predomination did not exist, the answer could plausibly be no. But as it turns out, some humans have asserted and declared superiority above the rest.

Due to this superiority, discrimination emanated. Since discrimination is a manufactured conception, that wouldn’t even exist if we just accepted the equality we are born with. And due to the existence of this prejudice, we need another man-made concept like human rights.

The above explanations prove that this alteration wasn’t overnight. Different occurrences mentioned above over the course in history provided a motive. Yet, it’s bizarre that groups of people in today’s age are threatened by others gaining basic rights.

Examples of these are; the backlash by the male gender when the rest of the genders protest to earn fundamental rights. Then comes the current example of white supremacy and racism in the context of Black Lives Matter.

People are still racist, perplexing, isn’t it?

Makes me question the existence of human rights, is it an illusion? For the people in power to protect themselves? As there are still exist, many marginalized groups who are fighting for basic moral rights.

Moral or Political?

Human Rights; A Man-Made Concept?

Are these rights dependent on morality or a political issue? Although, in actuality, human rights stem from morality, as they are the essence of humanity.

However, through historical context, they have been labelled as political.

Human rights now contribute towards ending acts such as slavery. Precisely because of such acts, they provide grounds for legal enactments at the international level as well.

Following the fact that these rights are extremely institutionalized, they are influenced greatly by political entities and depend from country to country.

The United Nations might’ve surely drafted them, but they are not in control. If these are for the people then why not let the people decide?

Every country has an independent body called National Human Rights Institutions. It is established by legislation. It potentially holds the authority to guide the country by scrutinizing the law. But why is there a lack of that guidance?

Are these Rights Working?

Human Rights; A Man-Made Concept?

They’re supposed to bring moral and political justice to those who are wronged. Yet, the reality that exists portrays that these rights aren’t working anymore. Maybe they never did, and now that’s more clear. In today’s age and day, we see that potent culprits keep getting away.

The sardonic truth is that these seem to be the rights by people in power, for people in power. Hence, pointing towards the greater political entities in control.

And who was in power back then? Who performed detrimental acts and then took it upon himself to proclaim the need for human rights? We’re all thinking the same answer; some white man. That’s why human rights are, in fact, a man-made concept. 

This explains that the system is flawed. The polished constitutions and enactments are an illusion. Something that gives me hope is that we’re finally waking up. Seeing beyond the red curtain, stepping away from the fallacious discourse. More-so, speaking against it.

With the revolution of black lives matter movement, women’s march every year, and pride parades. This is the first step towards change, and from now on, there’s no stopping us.

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