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How to write a good book review // Sarah Salman

Sometimes; when you read a really good book (you know, the kind that really touches your book-loving soul) many of us, then want to write a good book review about it. The fact is that a number of us don’t exactly know where to begin. Which is why I’m going to be your savior and give you a few tips on how to write a good book review.

  1. Honesty is Key.

When writing a good book review, you need to make sure that you’re being honest. You can only write a good book review when you’re typing exactly how you felt about the book no matter how harsh it may sound. There is no need to sugar coat the reality. In the long run, your book review is what will help other readers determine whether or not they want to read the book. 

  1. Keep it Simple.

My best possible advice for writing a good book review is to make sure you keep it simple. While reading a review, readers will mostly focus on how easy it is to understand. Remember; it isn’t a competition of how many complex words you can write. The true essence of a good book review is the usage of easy-to-understand language that gives a clear message to the readers

  1. Be Creative.

There are thousands of people on this planet who write book reviews. How can you make yours stand out? By being creative.

To write a good book review means to not only present your thoughts about the book, but also do so in a manner that stands out. You can incorporate your humor in-between sentences or make witty comments. Use anything that shows the readers who you truly are!

With those three pointers in mind, anyone can write a good book review. So go on, grab your laptop/computer/whatever fancy device you have and pour your heart out about the book you just recently read!

 (And maybe share this article so you can teach others how to write a good book review as well. Sharing is caring after all!)

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