// How to remain sane during these tiring times?

Everywhere around the world, two words are of the norm “quarantine” and “social isolation” (okay make it three). Well due to the current pandemic by the COVID-19 namely, the “Coronavirus”. This current predicament is no joke. With life at a standstill and nature making a comeback as well as humanity in the confines of their homes. Here are some things that might help you pass the time till this crisis passes and life can come back to its normality. How to remain sane read ahead..

1) Read a dusty old book

This is the best time to read your dusty old backlog of books that you have always kept in the back of your mind. Take a break from the electronic world and come back to the paper world. Give your brain the detox it needs and the nourishment it needs. Sit on your comfy sofa and take your mind on an educational voyage. Read that humongous series. Finish that ever gestating book you couldn’t get yourself to. Preach reading to the younger members of the household and have joint reading sessions every single day.

2) Take cooking up as a hobby

This is most needed for the male demographic. Being at home now for a prolonged period of time it would be a better alternative to be productive rather than be sofa slugs all the time. Why not learn cooking and help out the female members of the house and make their life a bit easier for them. It would take time and tears, yes, but it will be worth it when you see the women in your life sit and relax and just be happy when you give them that delicious, a bit burnt, breakfast.

3) All season cleaning

In addition to cleaning, one can also dust off that years-old dirt from their homes. Get your maid hats on and get cleaning. Start small at first, with your room and then go room by room till soon the entire house is squeaky clean. Who knows? What secrets you may uncover? What forgotten things would be unearthed: socks, money? If you wanna know, then get up and start cleaning.

4) Develop new skills right at your home

Another thing that you could do in your productive schedule would be to develop new skills right at your home at the behest of the magnanimous conglomerate known as the internet or the world wide web. This is the perfect time to polish your current skills as well as master new ones. Take up writing, practice on a musical instrument. Who knows, you may become a superstar during these trying times. Be the best you can be and strive to be better.

5) Staying fit at home

With the closure of all extracurricular activities due to the CoronaVirus, one must not be in sorrow or in some cases happiness. You have your very own gym yard as well as your very own diet plan. Start using that bag of wheat as a makeshift dumbbell. Use that steel rod as a monkey bar. On the subject of diet plans, cut down on oil and carbs and you will one day even surpass Brad Pitt as well. 

// How to remain sane during these tiring times?

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