Everyone’s talking about the introverts but, what about the extroverts who have been living with zero outside-communication? Unka kya hoga bhai? // How Extroverts Can Stay Calm

Don’t worry, The Meraki cares about each and every single human out there and that includes all the extroverts out there. Don’t worry we’ve got you.

So, while everyone else says this to your cries of despair: 

How Extroverts Can Stay Calm at Home During COVID-19

We’re here to help. Here are five things you can do to not lose your mind and stay calm during this pandemic:

Join a Facebook Group

 Now, before you attack me with your

“Facebook buddhay loug use krtay hain.”

I’m going to be honest with you; when quarantine forces you to avoid any face-to-face contact, it’s time to go digital.

There are a number of facebook groups specifically made for quarantine (my personal favorite is ‘quarantine and chill’). These groups have people who are in a similar situation, so don’t be shy (although, that’s not a problem for extroverts.

Go ahead and join in on their discussions!

Your Friends Aren’t Far

Well, in the literal scenario they are. But, as my Urdu teacher once said during an online class, ‘hum saath nhe hain, lekin baath tou kar rahe hain.’

Very poetic, I know. But, the guy has a point.

So, extroverts, you have your phone, you have your free minutes (thank you, telecommunication) JAO PHONE KRO KISI KO.

Even your introvert friends might be needing a good, long call session right now. Who knows!

Take a Walk

    Dying to step outside? I feel you. 

Here’s a simple solution; try taking a walk right outside your home! Being an extrovert with all these thoughts around your head can be exhausting!

You have all these things you want to say to someone but sometimes, a call isn’t enough.Why not try and see if you can have a clearer look at your thoughts by taking a walk alone?

(Also, plus point; you’ll get some free ki exercise!)

Just don’t forget your mask and your sanitizer! #StayHealthyandStaySafe

Wash Hands Bathroom GIF by 60 Second Docs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Get a Taste of the Introvert Binge-Watching Life

 Another tip you can try out is, well – become an introvert for a while! I know it might not be the most exciting thought for an extrovert. But, a lot of hobbies originate from being an introvert.

Like creating art, reading, writing, movies; everything! 

So, maybe this period of quarantine is an excuse for extroverts to try being an introvert for a while!

Annoy Your Siblings/Family

Here’s some top level advice from one extrovert to another: the joy of annoying family members is like nothing else. Your siblings were born to be annoyed by you; bus. That’s their purpose in life. // How Extroverts Can Stay Calm

So, when all else fails, and your extrovert is dying for some human-to-human communication just remember, your siblings are there.

Evil Smile GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the best results, pick the ones who have a low tolerance level *shrugs*

But really though, jokes apart; these are tough times for people who find comfort and solace in stepping outside and interacting with people. But this too shall pass!

But until it doesn’t, just remember we’re all here for eachother! Not nazar k saamnay, but jigar k pass indeed!

So take care of yourself and don’t let yourself lose that extroverted spirit.

// How Extroverts Can Stay Calm

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