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Our emotions set the direction of our lives. Having positive vibes means healthy living but developing positive emotions requires positive self-practice. Life is what you make it. When you start thinking positive, believing positive and growing positive then you will be able to flourish the positive world around you. Every change starts within you. The two senses of judgment positive or negative build the walls of Positivity or Negativity around you.

The first step towards a positive life is starting your day on a positive note. Leave all the germs of negativity behind and begin your day with positive energy. Bypassing through streets try to focus on good things. When you start observing things with a positive approach you will get positive vibes from many small things. Give a smile to a stranger, maybe they are having a bad day and your kind gesture would reduce their stress. Help others for the sake of humanity.

Maybe they will practice the same attitude to others. Be thankful to even small efforts of people they did for you and make them feel good. Appreciate others, so they may also practice the same gratitude in their lives that outspread a healthy and positive environment. Spend time with positive people will help in boosting positive self-esteem and lifting you up in positive light. Get to grips with negative situations and try to avoid evoking negative emotions as it has a great impact on your attitude and personality.

Trying to be positive in unpleasant situations is sometimes very difficult but if you start initiating positivity all around by thinking positive it will not only change your life in a good way but will also be helpful for others to live in a better and positive environment.

We all want the best in our lives but no one tries to initiate to do something good for others. We want others to stay good to us but never try to be a good listener. We want others to understand us but never try to understand the situation through which people are going in their lives. We want positive life and positive people around us but never try to control our own negative thoughts. We want positive judgment for us but never try to change our negative perception for people. We all want to live with the feeling of contentment but never try to do a small effort that would give a feeling of satisfaction to others.

Think for a while that what you want for yourself, have you ever tried to do it for others? If you want to live a positive life train your brain to think positively. Think positive, believe positive, grow positive and live positive.

How can we think positively // Wafa Siddiqui

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80 shares, 159 points

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