Him, Her, He & She // Hamza Kazi

The ending ticking,
of the bedside clock,
is the only sound he hears,
as he lays inside,
his own grieving heart.
Staking his claim,
in this dark,
self-imposed confinement,
he utters a silent cry,
and awaits the reply,
to his unanswered questions.
The silent inner scream,
clawing to reach,
the surface of his consciousness,
his precious soul decaying,
with every tick of the clock.
He recognizes nothing,
but the familiar noise,
of loneliness that fills his head,
and his mind becomes numb,
as if he were on the edge of sleep.
Anguish permeating the air,
choking him with such intensity,
he fears he hasn’t an ounce left,
to fight this battle alone.
He reaches for her shirt,
that remains draped across his pillow,
still covered in red,
of her blood,
and draws it close to his body,
as if he can still feel her there.
Bringing it close to his face,
he takes a deep breath,
and fills himself,
with her one last time.
He closes his eyes,
the walls of his shattered heart,
begin closing down,
the darkness,
begins to engulf him,
Inside out .
Drowning in her tears,
like a never ending rain,
the uneven silence, 
accompanying him,
through this dismal journey,
his soul dying in this godforsaken place.
Nothing but muted grey colours,
fill the world in which he exists,
haunting images of his face,
the wretched emptiness,
has become his closest friend.
Him, Her, He & She // Hamza Kazi
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10 months ago

Good one

10 months ago

I loved the way you wrote it 🔥