Love is that unique rose

That grows on the land of fog

These Rose’s are deeper and deeper

Needed the water of patience, trust, forgiveness

True love set your soul on fire

Your soul respond to other soulmate

By the fragrance of Rose’s in the heart

Soul adore mystical of soulmate

Soul that keep magical stuff and spark

That start shining when found his mate

Love is like the early bird

With true colors of universe

Origin of innocent in it

The feathers with unique colors

With the beauty of universe

Love is like night owl

That found the shine of love in darkness

The darkness that hide the color of love

The eyes of that owl

Drag out that hidden love

Love make your eyes so soft

Tears of love falls in your heart

These tears glow your soul

Love is that black diamond

Placed in your heart by creator

That can’t be broken down easily

But get destroyed by lies

Lost their shines by betrayer

Unique Rose of love

Can’t hold the hate of this world

The early bird of love

Can’t fly in the sky of lies

The night owl of love

Can’t see in the forest of evils

True love grow in softness soil of heart

The hardness, hate, evil colors

Can destroy the love of universe in pure heart

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